Cartel Leaders Set Snipers To Work In Border War

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Fri Aug 15 11:08:16 PDT 1997

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Tim May wrote:

> According to this article, the home addresses of government agents are
> being solicited by Mexican drug dealers, for disposal of agents
> interfering in their business.
> Between anonymous remailers and payment systems, a real Assassination
> Politics market could be set up. Don't even need untraceable e-cash,
> though this would be better.
> Glad I'm not a DEA or INS agent.
> --Tim May

Or, if our government actually got smart, they could offer a bounty on the
Mexican drug lords.  There are a lot more poor people in mexico.  A
Mequilladora (spelling?) to export drug policy?  I think if they offered
to make Tijuiana a protectorate and infuse a billion or two in cash after
the last drug lord was eliminated the border problems would cease.

If you wanted to use individual bounties, the problem is proving that you
were the one who killed the target.  Snipers usually can't wait around to
collect the scalp (Encrypted VCR through the viewfinder maybe?).

I think that Harry Browne suggested this more economic approach to
terrorists in his book and campaign last year.

But the US doesn't consider this "fair".  They would rather send our
military in as they did in Haiti and Panama, have lots of people on both
sides killed, and bring them back for a show trial, or battle to a
stalemate like with Iraq and Somalia.

But instead, they are going to raid the homes of more people who install
central air conditioning so their electric bills go up, which is reported
to the police who cannot concieve of anything except a basement full of
grow-lites over marijuana plants as using any electricity.

10 years from now they will still probably be paying informants in person
with $20 bills with consecutive serial numbers, but only if they insist on
not getting a check or direct deposit :).  Where is BCCI when you need it.

New BCCI - Bits of Credit and Commerce on the Internet.

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