Cartel Leaders Set Snipers To Work In Border War

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Fri Aug 15 11:41:41 PDT 1997

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> Or, if our government actually got smart, they could offer a bounty on the
> Mexican drug lords.  There are a lot more poor people in mexico.  A
> Mequilladora (spelling?) to export drug policy?  I think if they offered
> to make Tijuiana a protectorate and infuse a billion or two in cash after
> the last drug lord was eliminated the border problems would cease.

Of course they aren't going to do that.  The FEDs make way too much money
on the drugs anyway.  If they weren't, they would have closed down the
trade a long time ago, or legalized it to make money off the taxes.  It's
all ecconomic.  But they're making much more money this way than if it
were sold and taxed legally.

Everything that's illegal comes down to tax money.  From drugs to
prostition to murder to gambling.  Yes, even suicide: if you kill
yourself, you won't work, so they get less tax money. 
> But the US doesn't consider this "fair".  They would rather send our
> military in as they did in Haiti and Panama, have lots of people on both
> sides killed, and bring them back for a show trial, or battle to a
> stalemate like with Iraq and Somalia.

Hey, them marines and army boys need to cut their teeth on some real
action once in a while or else they get soft, wouldn't want that, would

If I remember my history correctly, and I probably don't, either FDR or
Teddy, durring the depression hired two sets of crews of people.  On set
to dig a ditch, the other to fill it, and the next day it would be dug
again, so that they could have jobs and get paid and stimulate the

Same deal.  Military get target practice, Feds capture and resell the
dope, buy weapons to sell to Iran or whatever, local cops bust down the
door, the hardware and home supply stores get money in sales and
installation of doors and windows busted by the local cops, etc...  Only
ones who wind up losing are the citizen units.  The drug dealers aren't
hurt much.  Sure they need to ice one or two off every once in a while to
give the appearance of a justice system, but, the rest go out on the
street to sell again. 
> But instead, they are going to raid the homes of more people who install
> central air conditioning so their electric bills go up, which is reported
> to the police who cannot concieve of anything except a basement full of
> grow-lites over marijuana plants as using any electricity.

Of course, keeps the citizen units in line.  And heck with the new laws
pretty soon they'll be applied to EVERYTHING, not just business with
guns... pretty soon they'll raid people's homes and confiscate everything
whether they find something illegal or not... just to hold it for 50-200
years for um, evidence, yeah, um, that's it.  And boy, that's a mighty
fine leather couch the Jones bought yesterday, you know, we should raid
them just incase it's full of heroin, them cushions are mighty soft, no?
And heck, we just happen to have a perfect spot for it in our precinct
recreation room. :)

And boy, that land on Ruby Ridge looks mighty fertile, you know I bet
they're growing marijuana plants in the trees...  We could use it to build
a park, heck...

And shit that Koresh compound, let's burn it and say they commited suicide
and raped their kids... we could use the land and come out looking good...

> 10 years from now they will still probably be paying informants in person
> with $20 bills with consecutive serial numbers, but only if they insist on
> not getting a check or direct deposit :).  Where is BCCI when you need it.

Naw, that's not how it's done, they'll pay'em with counterfit $20's and
then arrest them when they hit the grocery store to buy a six pack and
some milk, then when they get'em at the stationhouse they'll stuff'em in
the bathroom to be sodomized and beat up with toilet plungers and brooms. 

Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if the cops had a small dope quota every
month to plant as evidence in the cars of the people they ticket for
speeding, or having tinted windows, or actually using their turn signal
lights.   And hey, here's a thought, let's pass some more laws and like
confiscate cars that are speeding.  Heck, we ain't makin' enough money as
is from stealing cars off the street for parking for more than five

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