Cartel Leaders Set Snipers To Work In Border War

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Fri Aug 15 06:01:58 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:
> Glad I'm not a DEA or INS agent.

> > Cartel leaders set snipers to work in border 'war'
> > By John Hiscock Electronic Telegraph, London

> > AMERICAN Border Patrol agents have become targets of snipers working
> > for drug smugglers trying to take control of the border with Mexico. A
> > five-mile strip of frontier near San Diego in California has become so
> > dangerous that a specially-trained squad of border patrol sentries
> > armed with assault rifles has been drafted in to combat the snipers,
> > who have fired at agents seven times in the past two months.

  Replacing the Marines who murdered an American teenager. Funny that
the drug cartels never felt a need to assassinate border patrol agents
until the American public found it unacceptable for U.S. troops to be
murdering American citizens.

> > The agents believe that Mexican drug cartel leaders have issued
> > instructions to kill any law enforcement officers impeding drug
> > smuggling operations. Their fears have been heightened by a bulletin
> > from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service that said two drug
> > cartel leaders in the Mexican border city of Tijuana had "reportedly
> > contracted with local gangs on both sides of the border to kill
> > federal law enforcement personnel", preferably on American soil. In
> > addition, officers recently received reports that cartel henchmen have
> > put a price on their heads by offering to pay £7,000 for the
> > home address of any United States federal agent.

  Have they "received reports" as to the logic behind these actions by
the cartel "henchmen?"
  Do the cartel henchmen think that the assassinated U.S. agents will
not  be replaced? Do they think that assassinating U.S. agents will
lead to lessened security along the border? Do they expect the U.S.
governement to put up "Welcome Drug Smugglers...We Surrender" posters
all along the border?

  Right. I got a parking ticket, so I'm going to put out a contract
on the meter-maid. That'll solve all my parking ticket problems. Then
the police will leave me alone.
  Why didn't I think of this before?

> > Dianne Feinstein, a Californian senator, says that border patrol
> > agents, whose job until recently was to arrest mainly frightened and
> > unarmed Mexicans trying to cross the frontier at night, are now in the
> > front line of a vicious drug war. "This is a border on alert, a border
> > where anything could happen," she said. "These cartels are moving
> > drugs across the border and are operating with impunity and that adds
> > an increased risk to the lives of border patrol agents. This is a
> > different border than it was two years ago."

  The cartels only began moving drugs across the border in the last two
years? Border Patrol agents have never been shot at before?
  Are the drug cartel snipers worse shots than the U.S. marines? How
American teenage goat herders have the drug cartels murdered so far?

> > Since the
> > introduction of Operation Gatekeeper, President Clinton's 1994
> > anti-illegal alien initiative that poured more money and agents into
> > the San Diego area, the drug smugglers have found themselves
> > increasingly caught up in the patrols' swoops on illegal
> > border-crossers.
> >
> > "We've made it increasingly difficult for drug traffic," said John
> > Williams, the chief of San Diego's 2,000-strong border patrol sector.

  This explains why America is practically drug-free, with only twice
as many grade school children using heroin as at this time last year.
  If we can keep up the pressure along the border, perhaps one day
_all_ of our children will be junkies.
  Good reasoning...

> > "We're making it tough on crime and that certainly has some bearing on
> > their reaction. The escalation of violence is of grave concern to me
> > and my agents."
> >
> > Members of the elite special protection unit carry M-16 assault
> > rifles, with a range of more than a mile, while all agents are now
> > being issued with semi-automatic pistols and shotguns.

  And this is going to protect them from snipers and hired assassins
who the drug cartels are sending to their homes to murder them?
  How many illegal immigrants and American border citizens are going 
to be killed in "mistaken self-defence" before they consider it is
now necessary to arm themselves for protection?
  How far will the Border Patrol need to feed the "escalation of
violence" before the President feels comfortable to once again
begin unconstitutionally using the Armed Forces to enforce laws
internally in the U.S.?

  Why do these idiots go to such great lengths to spread FUD as a
smokescreen to help whitewash the murder of American citizens by
U.S. Armed Forces being unconstitutionally deployed internally 
within the U.S.?
  The Border Patrol has always had the authority to use armed agents
to defend our borders, and they have always had special units to
deal with areas which have become more violent than usual.
  The latest "announcements" have nothing to do with "news."
They have to do with smokescreen-FUD.


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