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At 12.12 PM 7/27/96 -0400, Alan Horowitz wrote:

>> Hello, I would rather I not be too blunt, but despite my generous
>interest in computer > hacking cracking, and other such related topics, I
>have come to be confused by the > mailer, can I ask any questions that I
>wish, or am I limited by some type of header > subject?
>Shaun, let me explain. There's a committee of seven people. Me, Tim May,
>David Sternlight, some assination-politics guy, some guy named Vultis or
>somesuch, and so on. 
>Only if we're in unanimous agreement on the outcome of an issue, may you 
>start a thread on a new topic. which then continues till the first 
>posting which calls someone a Nazi.

And if they *don't* like your suggestion, you get killed and they move on to
the next guy's suggestion of how to split up the available issues so that
each cypherpunk gets a fair share of ranting.

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