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2024-01-17 0446 -0500

[this is probably not non-canon, but haven't explained that the
expirimentee/AI hybrid controlling everything mutates reality
arbitrarily while sustaining the properties their collective is
focusing on [OOPS]. traffick boss's prison situation has moved deeper
into the research area. the below is happening in private.]

Traffick Boss is in a robotic vivisectee research lab, alone. A
mostly-robot cyborg assembly coming out of a wall is persistently and
slowly taking his body apart and moving the parts here or there into
some organization it seems only it knows about.

Traffick Boss's face is visible. He looks conscious, jaded, not in
pain despite the dismemberment. The robot-cyborg has parts extending
into his head and spine.

[flash to nearby room. discussion between two vivisectee/hybrids
0450 -0500

[non-canon now]
traffick boss looks at a giant flower that comes out of the wall
traffick boss: "flower, how do you grow, rather than die?"
flower: "i am an illusion you are experiencing because your brain is
being reconstituted."
traffick boss shakes head
traffick boss: "waitaminute! put my brain back together."
robots pause, hesitate
some brain parts are habitually put into traffick boss's head
this is satisfying to him but not sufficient for his consciousness to
function better. they need to be wired together as brain parts

robot pulls base out of wall and comes down to chat with

robot [to partly-dismembered traffick boss]: "I'm having an oozy
feeling in my corner. Do you know what to do?"

traffick boss stares at robot

traffick boss focuses very very hard

traffick boss: "I need a medical doctor. A medical doctor is needed in
this room. Go fetch one."

robot: "okay!"

robot hobbles out of room, partly skipping, partly shambling
0452 -0500 [karl is now looking for water to drink.
[[let's next write what our night is like.
0453 -0500
0456 -0500 [
somehow i seem to have misplaced both of my water bottles. i did find
a canned beverage from a soup kitchen, a soda called zevia. i haven't
had a soda in many years.

my experiences are maybe epitomized by my behavior of shaking the soda
accidntally and heavily, intentionally, before opening it v_v

maybe i'll make an actual adventure game! maybe not.

maybe some good old triangle --

{our goal is to drink water. we want to drink water. are we without
water atm? this is sad, unfortunate.

Welcome To Being Thirsty

You are a funny-behaving human being who would like to drink water.
You have multiple sources around you, but are sadly experiencing
persecutory dissociative issues resulting in issues finding things.
One of your issues is that you can become blind to things you are
looking for, when looking at them. Another issue is that when you
might find something you're looking for, your body might sneakily and
quickly behave on its own to distract you or hide it.

It's important to drink water when you are thirsty, especially if you
have significant issues.

Here is some example interaction:
> Look for my water bottle where it is.

You expect you have 3 water bottles at the back of the copilot seat.
You look and don't find any of them, but you do find a can of soda you

> Drink the soda

You shake the soda before opening it, for some reason this seemed to
make sense to you. It splatters and gets you wet. You are so thirsty!
You drink some. It tastes so icky! It doesn't taste like hydration at
all. It tastes fizzy and icky. You open the door and put it outside to
manage it, where it will likely freeze and contribute to litter and
could harm a small animal. This saddens you and you dissociate around

Now look for water more:
0504 -0500

> Look at items at seat back. What is there?

It's hard to see and type all the items. At top are two styrofoam
takeout containers from a soup kitchen. You had lunch from these
yesterday and they are empty.

> Put them outside with the can.

No, you don't want to litter. The can is only there because it was too
confusing and messy. You have a tendency to knock things, which would
spill the can, but the styrofoam containers won't spill.

> Put them outside anyway.

No, you don't want to. Would you like to enter a Dissociatve Parts
Boxing Match, where you try to mediate with your internal conflicts?

> ummmmm ....

> enter Dissociative Parts Boxing Match around putting the styrofoam containers outside

You enter the ring.

"You don't want to put the styrofoam containers outside. Why put them outside?"

> they're in the way and I want to find water. I need to find water!

You get a boxing point when you mention you need to find water. The
opponent part cowers in fear.

"I don't know how I will put them back in the vehicle after putting
them outside. I need to learn to keep the vehicle [organized

the boxing match is fun we actually discuss different things.
the proposal is interesting [struggle struggle struggle struggle :S

we want to find water. let's look more just looking physically!

0508 -0500

connecting around the shared value of finding water, we're finding we
can move our body more to organize the vehicle a little smidge :D
this is a big step from the rest of the night where we [didn't even go
to bed, just lay in driver's seat for hours]
0512 "we thought we were doing the right thing staying in the driver's
seat [but getting in a sleeping bag seems so logical [when compared to
putting on a coat [which karl did when going outdoors; during thinking
about homeless people sleeping in coats [rather than running vehicle
without money for gas; "putting a coat on is a step up from laying in
driver's seat running vehicle but still a step down from getting
inside sleeping bag
0513 0514

>( 0516 my situation is being  complicated for me
- my phone no longer provides data, seemingly without reason (the
settings interface says data is fine, but the bar has an exclamation
point and i don't get return data when tcp streams are opened; it used
to behave this way to tethered devices, hence my proxy, but is now
doing it on its own
- i'm not finding my water bottles
- i'm not finding my laundry bag, weird

oh hey i have more bags i can use as laundry bags i think, i got them
for my recent travel

we like the energy around organizing. goals-behavior is struggling but
we are thinking we could 'authorize' purchased-food (there''s a subway
here) if we organize the vehicle a bunch. is just a nice idea thought.

0519 2-4/24

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