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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 02:43:50 PST 2024


i found an older empty water bottle :D older because it's not the one
i was using yesterday. i have not further organized the vehicle, but
am enjoying holding the plan to replace my missing laundry bag with
finding the water bottle will save me the money of buying yet another !


we can really get stuff done when we're persistent. i had also found
an old bottled-water bottle; the water has frozen to ice and i am
melting it some.


the waterbottle i found was under one of my bags of goodies for
rewarding myself for going to hard things like therapy, this is pretty
cool to find too, but easy to lose again since nothing in that
category was planned today (but could be used for organizing vehicle
possibly [some instability around maybe


i think i'll be satisfied with finding the empty water bottle for now.


let's have more boxing matches because they produce a tiny smidge of
communication across lines ?
uncertain ?

Unwanted Dissociated Parts Boxing Match

Any contenders? Anybody want to box?

Traffick Boss steps into the ring

Traffick Boss: "I should be in charge. That's what I say! Anybody care
to take me down?"

Karl part enters ring.

Karl part: "I need to do things that make sense!"

Traffick Boss: "Yeah? Like, um, uh .. like what?"

Karl subpart: "Like getting in my sleeping bag! Yeah"!

Traffick Boss: "Oh be a man and do it."

Here we go.


we're a little confused in that the sun rises soon, but we remember it
was so hard to go to bed last night that we planned to do it even if
it was late in the following day tomorrow, just to do it at all.
that's how hard and important it was :)

we should box with organizing the vehicle if we get back 0542

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