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> On Wed, Feb 14, 2024 at 19:01 Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim &
> Survivor of Many <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> once upon a time, there was a happy comm[1850. around 1849 my UI froze
>> and upon relaunch roughly the following text was missing:] of forest
>> mushrooms that was normal and [here it froze, continuing]caring except for
>> one: the traffick boss mushrom.
>> for some reason the traffick boss mushroom kept trying tonstart hives of
>> enslaved mushrooms to do everything for it and craft the world in its
>> personal image rather than living a normal forest mushroom life itself.
>> none of the other forest mushrooms understood this at all! they all knew
>> deep i side them that every forest mushroom wanted every other forest
>> mushroom to be happy and healthy and free part of a shared and
>> evolutionarily fitting mushroom community, and would never ever harm or
>> control any other forest mushroom.
>> when traffick boss mushroom was asked this he would alw[1854
>> 2024-02-14 -0700
>> anyway the big question is, how would one relate with an imaginary
>> traffick boss who [1855
>> so, we imagine maybe a traffick boss having experiences leading him to
>> figure that the way to meet his instincts was enslaving other people. for
>> example, maybe protecting people had never worked for him and he gave up
>> doing this.
>> “you think different traffick bosses would have different reasons and
>> stories?” “yeah i guess but they probably have similarities and such! also
>> there might be cultural patterns making some kinds of traffick bosses way
>> more prevalent” “hmm ..”
>> 1857
>> traffick boss mushroom hobbled on his mushroom stalk over to other forest
>> mushrooms, letting tiny clouds of spore loose from his gills each step
>> traffick boss mushroom [to a few other forest mushrooms]: “what do you
>> think of this idea—
>> 1858
>> —of there being some mushrooms that run hives of slavery, because um
>> [looks at mushroom note] they have different reasons and stories - oh wait
>> [looks at other mushroom note] i mean protecting people had never worked
>> for them at all, and so they found other means to meet their needs?”
>> the forest mushrooms looked at traffick boss mushroom and began crying.
>> forest mushroom 1: “protecting people never ever worked for—
> traffick boss: “what does it matter if they [value me empathically] i gave
> up on that long ago and just try to control everything” (unknown for sure)
> i was thinking the space here of interest is the normal caring entitites
> are caring for a person’s potential traumatic experience, but the
> experience is behind [trauma dissociation] so the relation could be poor
> because engaging it could involve entering a flashback or altered state
> still, (i think caring people have (instincts for such things, to hold
> others carefully and gently and listen to their pain indicators for example
> (it’s of course a (common and hard to engage topic in these threads
it’s notable in traffick boss community triggers and trauma seem used for
influence, maybe kind of mocking empathy, makes harder

>> 1900
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