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> once upon a time, there was a happy comm[1850. around 1849 my UI froze and
> upon relaunch roughly the following text was missing:] of forest mushrooms
> that was normal and [here it froze, continuing]caring except for one: the
> traffick boss mushrom.
> for some reason the traffick boss mushroom kept trying tonstart hives of
> enslaved mushrooms to do everything for it and craft the world in its
> personal image rather than living a normal forest mushroom life itself.
> none of the other forest mushrooms understood this at all! they all knew
> deep i side them that every forest mushroom wanted every other forest
> mushroom to be happy and healthy and free part of a shared and
> evolutionarily fitting mushroom community, and would never ever harm or
> control any other forest mushroom.
> when traffick boss mushroom was asked this he would alw[1854
> 2024-02-14 -0700
> anyway the big question is, how would one relate with an imaginary
> traffick boss who [1855
> so, we imagine maybe a traffick boss having experiences leading him to
> figure that the way to meet his instincts was enslaving other people. for
> example, maybe protecting people had never worked for him and he gave up
> doing this.
> “you think different traffick bosses would have different reasons and
> stories?” “yeah i guess but they probably have similarities and such! also
> there might be cultural patterns making some kinds of traffick bosses way
> more prevalent” “hmm ..”
> 1857
> traffick boss mushroom hobbled on his mushroom stalk over to other forest
> mushrooms, letting tiny clouds of spore loose from his gills each step
> traffick boss mushroom [to a few other forest mushrooms]: “what do you
> think of this idea—
> 1858
> —of there being some mushrooms that run hives of slavery, because um
> [looks at mushroom note] they have different reasons and stories - oh wait
> [looks at other mushroom note] i mean protecting people had never worked
> for them at all, and so they found other means to meet their needs?”
> the forest mushrooms looked at traffick boss mushroom and began crying.
> forest mushroom 1: “protecting people never ever worked for—
traffick boss: “what does it matter if they [value me empathically] i gave
up on that long ago and just try to control everything” (unknown for sure)
i was thinking the space here of interest is the normal caring entitites
are caring for a person’s potential traumatic experience, but the
experience is behind [trauma dissociation] so the relation could be poor
because engaging it could involve entering a flashback or altered state
still, (i think caring people have (instincts for such things, to hold
others carefully and gently and listen to their pain indicators for example
(it’s of course a (common and hard to engage topic in these threads

> 1900
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