Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

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More of Islam's and Muhammad's urine fetish and
utter nonsense...

"Satan urinates in your ear if you don't wake up
to pray early in the morning."

CRAZY Female Muslim CHALLENGES Sam Shamoun and
Embarrasses Muhammad

"Main prophets of each Abrahamic religion be like:
Heal the sick, turn the other cheek and give my life for your sins (Jesus)
Lead my people out of slavery (Moses)
Massacre the jews, take some slaves, have sex with the 9 year old
along with my 11 other wives (Mohammed)"

Maimonides was a Jewish polymath whom Muslims try to showcase as
living a comfortable life under Islamic Rule despite being a Jew.
While living under their “protection”, Maimonides had this to say
regarding the Muslims... "God has entangled us with this people, the
nation of Ishmael, who treat us so prejudicially, and who legislate
our harm and hatred. No nation has ever arisen more harmful than they,
nor has anyone done more to humiliate, degrade, and consolidate hatred
against us. -- Maimonides"

"A state with a (nonzero) median Christian GRP is 60 percent less
likely to initiate a fatal armed conflict than a state with no
Christian GRP. A state with the maximum Christian GRP is 73 percent
less likely. . . . a state with the median nonzero Muslim GRP (7.50)
is 84 percent more likely to resort to force than a state with no
Muslim GRP (versus an analogous Christian state being 37 percent less
likely)." So when you actually do a
multivariate analysis you find Christianity is negatively associated
with war and violence, but Islam is positively associated with war and

Did Iranian Agent Serving as Pentagon Chief of Staff Cause Death of 3 Soldiers?

Feb 2, 2024 1:00 pm By Daniel Greenfield 12 Comments

How were terrorists able to perfectly time their drone attack without
inside information?

In September 2023, Pentagon Chief of Staff Ariane Tabatabai, an
Iranian immigrant, was accused of having worked as an agent of the
Tehran regime. Dissident media outlets produced emails that allegedly
showed that Tabatabai had joined an initiative by the Iranian Foreign
Ministry to coordinate operations and that she had even run her
congressional testimony on Iran’s nuclear program past the head of an
Iranian Foreign Ministry think tank.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and Front Page Magazine had been
among those to take the lead in warning about the potential danger
posed by her and enemy agents in the Pentagon.

Tabatabai had served under Robert Malley, Biden’s Iran Envoy, who had
been suspended from the Obama campaign for his backchannel contacts
with Hamas, and has been under investigation for mishandling
classified documents. But the emails appeared to show that she had
personally worked for Iran and its influence operations aimed at the
U.S. government.

Despite that she continued to be promoted until she is now the Chief
of Staff to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations
and Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC).

In January 2024, Iranian-backed terrorists launched their most
successful single attack against an American base to date. The target
was the living quarters where U.S  military personnel were stationed
on an obscure support base in the Jordanian desert known as Tower 22.

While the drone attack would normally have been intercepted, the
Iranian-backed terrorists had precisely timed the arrival of their
drone to match that of an American drone returning home.

In the confusion, the Islamic terrorist drone was not intercepted and
3 American military personnel were killed and over 30 more were
wounded. And it could have been worse.

The Iranians had known where the living quarters on the base were,
what our procedures for drone arrivals and departures were, and when
one of our drones would be coming back.

How were the Islamic terrorists able to precisely coordinate the
arrival of their drone and ours?

Tower 22, located close to Syria and Iraq, was one of the bases that
we helped Jordan build up during the Syrian Civil War. Under Obama, it
was a key element for supporting the Syrian Sunni rebels while under
Trump, it focused on fighting ISIS forces in Syria. Syrian Sunnis
fleeing the country passed by, some were allowed to enter Jordan,
while most, including some Sunni Jihadis, had to remain in what became
known as the Rukban refugee camp.

The proximity of the Rukban camp to Tower 22 and the nearby Al-Tanf
base would provide plenty of options for “refugees” to monitor and
track the movements of American drones.

But Ariane Tabatabai’s presence in Special Operations and Low
Intensity Conflict raises another troubling possibility. Tower 22 was
used as a jumping off point by special operators and the U.S. presence
in that area falls under the shadow of the SO/LIC office.

Special operators had been stationed at Al-Tanf and the SO/LIC office
would have potentially had access to a great deal of information about
what was going on at Al-Tanf and Tower 22.

That indeed is why Tabatabai likely ended up in the office, not
despite her ties to the Iranian regime, but because of them. During
the campaign against ISIS, the United States came to rely on some of
the same Iranian-backed Shiite Jihadist groups to do the heavy lifting
on the ground.

Tabatabai could have been seen as a potentially useful backchannel for
an office that was likely unofficially coordinating with Iran anyway.
That would explain her initial role as a senior advisor.

But by elevating a former Iranian agent to a chief of staff of an
office overseeing special operations, the Biden administration, the
Pentagon and the SO/LIC may have been gambling that they could control
that backchannel and that would have been a catastrophic mistake.

Late last year, 30 Senate members had urged the Pentagon to suspend
her security clearance.

“Iran continues to threaten U.S. military personnel in the Middle East
and remains intent on assassinating American citizens here in the
United States. Given these facts, we find it simply unconscionable
that a senior Department official would continue to hold a sensitive
position despite her alleged participation in an Iranian government
information operation,” they warned.

“Dr. Tabatabai was thoroughly and properly vetted as a condition of
her employment with the Department of Defense,” a Pentagon spokesman
claimed. “We are honored to have her serve.”

And the cost of that DOD decision may have been quite high, not just
in security, but blood.

We don’t know how exactly Iran’s terror groups were able to closely
coordinate the arrival of their drone with ours, but it’s hard to
believe that it could have happened without either sloppiness, close
observation or inside information. Operational security had clearly
been compromised and in such a situation it’s the fundamental duty of
the Department of Defense to examine its procedures, tighten its
security and look into Iranian agents inside its offices.

There should be no place for current or former agents of an enemy
government which is actively attacking and killing Americans inside
the Pentagon. And yet Tabatabai is still there.

And she’s not alone.

Nor is she even the only Pentagon Chief of Staff with Islamic terror
ties. Front Page Magazine’s ‘Disloyal Military’ investigations into
enemy agents and wokeness within the military not only cast light on
Ariane Tabatabai, but also on Yousra Fazili, the Chief of Staff for
the Pentagon Comptroller, as well as other hostile figures in the
government and the defense industry.

Yousra Fazili, the daughter of Kashmiri Muslim immigrants who studied
Islamic religious law or sharia at Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, a hub
of Jihadist thinking, had testified in Congress in support of her
cousin who had been arrested for his support for Islamic terrorists in

Fazili had worked for the Qatari ambassador, an ally of Iran, and
which serves as a state sponsor of Hamas, and she had represented the
International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations known as a
Muslim Brotherhood operation, co-founded by figures tied to the Muslim
Brotherhood and Osama bin Laden, and she has cheered on pro-Hamas

Despite multiple congressional letters and warnings from Senate and
House members, the Department of Defense has done nothing to clean its
house and the clock is ticking.

We do not know if inside information led to the deaths of 3 Americans
in the Iranian attack at Tower 22, but it is only a matter of time
until foreign enemy agents inside the government end up passing
information to Iran, Qatar or other Islamic terror states that gets
our people killed.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center will continue investigating the
enemy within and working to hold them and their enablers in the
government accountable before it’s too late.

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