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Walking Free from the Trauma of Coercive, Cultic and Spiritual Abuse

A Workbook for Recovery and Growth

Gillie Jenkinson
Illustrations by Camilla Charnock

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York


For all who have been through the trauma of coercive, cultic and
spiritual abuse, and their families and therapists.


# Does this book apply to me?

Walking Free is for those:

- who have suffered coercion and abuse in groups or relationships of
all types: religious, spiritual, counselling, coaching,
self-realisation, wellness, domestic and family relationships,
business, pyramid schemes, political, gangs and more

- whose lives were dominated or taken over by a leader, a group or a
relationship, cutting them off psychologically and maybe physically
from mainstream society

- whose thinking and emotions have been suppressed and confused

- whose identity has been changed, controlled, formed or re-formed

- who struggle with life and relationships, perhaps with depression,
anxiety, addiction or a sense of cultural and spiritual dislocaiton,
and are strating to connect these struggles to their coercive and
abusive experience

- who think they are weird because they grew up in or joined a
coercive, cultic and/or spiritually abusive group or relationship

- who think they are less than others or that they are stupid because
they got taken in, duped and betrayed

- who just wanted to make the world a better place but ended up
coerced and exploited

- who barely recognise themselves anymore

- who want to make sense of what happened, understand and be understood

- who want to recover and grow from these experiences and are looking
for a roadmap to navigate the terrain in order to heal

- who are therapists in need of a navigation tool to help survivors of
coercive, cultic and spiritual abuse to heal

This book is for you!

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