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Rescuing the Trauma Amplification Engine

Boss’s Trauma Amplification Engine is a human-sized diesel-powered
hampster wheel that sticks dissociated research subjects with huge
needles over and over again. A hypnotized and brainwired torture
worker observes the process and adjusts the engine power to maximize
the increaze in trauma. A trauma vacuum collects the trauma potential
and it is pumped with giant pipes to the rest of the enterprises and

Tandem noises of “ow!” and “squeak!” emerge over and over from the
machine that makes boss’s world go around, over a background of a huge
engine powering the wheel and pumps.

Suddenly, super-powered interns bust through the door.

Super-powered interns: “We’re here to rescue you!”

Nobody notices.

Super-powered interns pump their arms.  “We’re here to rescue you?”

Everybody is deep in dissociated self-induced trances to cope with
infinite trauma that always  increases as fast as it possibly can.

The super-powered interns turn off the machinery. There’s a sense of
incredible relaxation.

People start squirming a little, making motions in the air as if they
are still participating.

Once the victims start reaching for the huge needles to poke
themselves in sensitive areas more, the super-powered interns
interrupt: “We’re here to rescue you!”

Everybody stops reaching for torture devices and notices the interns.
A hardened victim says: “Yayyyyy!!!! They!re here to rescue us!!!”
They look at a torturer.

The torturer looks up and says: “Yayyy!!!! We’re being rescued!” They
grin practicedly at the rescuers.

Everybody says “Yayyy!!!!” together.

The superpowered interns pick the, all up and carry them to a
helicopter which takes off and flies into a gorgeous sunset.


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