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Sat Jun 24 18:27:03 PDT 2023

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List: spam
Subject: Re: spam barrage
From: pending considerations pushed aside by other things
From: memory summarizations for formation

I think there was a mistake in the various inferences and expressions,
unsure where. mistake accumulation tracking is of course very
important, everybody always agrees with this.

Since I am in public I might add that this was just jduged to likely
be a major support for judging and describing confidence, certainty,
oh and maybe other importsnt things, and it would be good to maybe
practice these in some way to redevelop them. This idea is also

The thought on spamming the spammers hacking the hackers that stemmed
from spasmodic coping and excessive influence was considered valued.
Additional information on this has unfortunately been misplaced while
adding detail here. But it is expected to be useful for engaging the
list better.

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