Wokeism is Doomed

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Tue Jun 13 11:45:41 PDT 2023

Biden blankets US White House with Pedophile Flags,
calls for "trangender children", etc... defiles and disgraces
USA into final depraven descent. US voters and rest of
world remark in shock and sadness at bizarre US priorities.

The disease is spreading...

Replying to @bennyjohnson @catturd2
Our government is in direct violation of our 14th Amendment,
"Establishment clause," by actively promoting a new religion.

The media wants you to believe that a right wing terrorist sent bomb
threats to target. The bomb threats actually came from an LGBTQ
activist who was upset that target REMOVED some pride items. You would
never know that from the headlines though!
Ben Shapiro @benshapiro
The media are hot fucking garbage. Headline vs. story.

Meanwhile, social media networks in the news for allowing
dozens of pedophile child trafficking networks to operate.


As a mother, I was absolutely shocked to see the kind of literature on
display in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble today. The
sexualization of our children will be not be tolerated. I will be
boycotting Barnes & Noble. #BoycottBN

"This isn’t even liberal or tolerant. It’s a freak show."
"Biden has always been sleazy. This is just more proof."
"Like Father like Son, Joe and Hunter, two sex depraved pedos."

A 13-year-old drag queen was featured at an "all ages" pride show in
Round Rock, Texas last week. Kween Kee Kee, who has been performing
since he was 3, previously did a "drag kid" fundraiser for a law
project known for assisting transgender pedophiles. How exactly does
one perform since 3 without the parents being jailed for twisted pedo
child abuse.


California Bill Would Charge Any Parent Who Doesn’t Affirm
Transgenderism With ‘Child Abuse’

This has now infected Japan. 😟
Genevieve Gluck @WomenReadWomen
Replying to @WomenReadWomen @MORI_Natsuko
Japan’s longest-running rape crisis center has been declared
ineligible to receive public funding following statements made by the
facility’s director which were deemed by government officials to be
discriminatory against males who identify as transgender. Tokyo’s Rape

This 28-year-old woman was told that doctors wouldn’t tie her tubes
cuz she might change her mind. Yet minors are able to get
hysterectomies and irreversible sex change operations in the name of
“gender affirmation.”

Transgender "Influencers" Posed Topless Outside White House During Pride Event


A video clip shows transgender “influencers” posing topless outside
the White House during this past weekend’s Pride event, including one
displaying fake breasts and another showing breast removal scars.

Transgender model Rose Montoya posted the video to TikTok which shows
activists posing with their chests exposed at an event that was
attended by children.

Montoya, a biological man living as a woman, chose to cover his fake
nipples for the video while stood next to two biological females
identifying as men showing their double mastectomy surgery scars.

    GRAPHIC: Trans TikTok "influencer" Rose Montoya, posed topless at
Biden's White House Pride celebration. Next to him is a biological
female, also topless, who had her breasts surgically removed.
    — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) June 13, 2023

    we are not a serious nation. https://t.co/21wuUnAxhS
    — TheQuartering (@TheQuartering) June 13, 2023

    Trans TikToker strips in front of the U.S. flag 🇺🇸 on the White
House Lawn and shakes his silicone breasts after being invited to
attend Biden’s pride party. pic.twitter.com/6z9gFLvOh4
    — Oli London (@OliLondonTV) June 13, 2023

    — The Right To Bear Memes (@grandoldmemes) June 13, 2023

“Are we topless at the White House?” said Montoya, who was also seen
shaking hands with Biden and thanking him for his support.

During the event, President Biden heralded those attending as
courageous and brave.

“As I said — I mean this; I swear to God — you’re some of the most —
you’re some of the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known.
And I’ve known a lot of good folks,” said Biden.

    Biden tells the audience at his Pride Month event: "I see more
courage on this lawn than any time I've seen in the recent past"
    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 10, 2023

The event was marked with the flying of the Progress Pride Flag in
between the United States flag, which was seen by many as a violation
of U.S. flag codes and a display of subservience to the LGBT agenda.

Meanwhile, wholesome family-friendly entertainment month continues.

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