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Sun Jul 16 10:42:42 PDT 2023

A boss-torturer-hybrid golem is drooling over some poor innocent diplomats,
store workers, and musicians. They are going to eat them alive!

A pile of helicopters come in and interns exit them.
The helicopters and interns go: "We're here to rescue you!!!"

Everybody looks at them.

"Yayy!!!" say the people about to be eaten alive.

"Grr!" goes the boss-torturer-hybrid golem.

The interns turn to the boss-torturer-hybrid golem.

Interns: "You too!"

The boss-torturer-hybrid golem briefly looks at the interns with wide eyes.

Boss-torturer-hybrid golem: "Oh."

Boss-torturer-hybrid golem: "Yayy!!"

Innocent victims: "Yayyyy!"

Everybody piles into the helicopters. The engines start and the blades putt
and putt and whirr and whirr and they fizzle and sput and slowly, at first
unsure, then surely lift off the ground and soar into the sky.

Rescue counselor [to Boss-torturer-hybrid golem]: "You don't have to rip
people apart to feel nice."

Boss-torturer-hybrid golem [shaking and quivering]: "Are you sure?"

Rescue counselor [smiling]: "You can talk about how you bceame what you

Boss-torturer-hybrid golem is shocked and does not believe this, but
remembers they are being rescued, so maybe there is a possibility.

The victims are in the other situation, they want to rip people to shreds
to express how terrifying it is to be ripped to shreds, but they aren't
going to actually do this.

The rescue counselors help the golem and victims develop experiences of
safety that build and build.

Everybody goes "wheeee!!!!!" into the sunset.
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