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Sun Jul 16 10:07:01 PDT 2023

x**(1/x) is a notable curve that rises from 0 relatively sharply to a
peak that appears to be located at fundamental constant coordinates
near 1-3, and then very slowly tapers off, it looks almost horizontal.

A logic error must be present. Thought x**(1/x) would be the effective
compound interest rate compounded x times for an accumulated interest
accumulated x times, where the accumulated return is 1.0 or any
coefficient of x in the base. may have left something out.

Thinking on normal compounding.
Compound 10% per year. First year, get 10%. Second year, get 10%*10%
i.e. 1.1**2 . third year get 1.1**3 .
because it's on the last balance. so the balance each year is 1.1**(year).
meanwhile, if you didn't compound, you'd have 1 + 0.1 * year.
it's easy to see that compounding is more.
so for a given year, we can calculate the compounded interest rate
that would have made the same amount
with (1 + 0.1 * year) ** (1/year) -- 8.77573% for year 4. The
effective compound rate is lower because
the non-compounded accumulation provides less return.
I expect this effective compound rate to drop as the years increase.
It does; the rate at which it drops is effectively linear.
I'm guessing that it is dropping slower than I would intuit.
We can compare the equation to x**(1/x) --- we have (1+pct*y) ** (1/y)
the 1+ is somewhat different here. It's notable also that pct is
generally << 1 and > 0.
this chart looks much more like my intuition. the initial rise has disappeared.
    however the program data showed a rise. i can try copying the
constants and coefficients and see
    what makes it.
        the principal is 'amount'. i believe this is supposed to cancel out.
        the coefficient is reward_per_amount
        x is blocks_delay
        the exponent has a geometric weighting parameter
        reward_per_amount is very small, 2.537e-7
        i set this coefficient and the graph still looks right. it
could make sense to add/remove parts
        to the formula until the rise appears or disappears.
            we can celebrate that our intuition about the falling
slope was right
            and maybe daydream on what parts we added could have added
the rising slope
                we thought about it and found a part that matches the
thinking but not sure why happening
                removing the fee makes the slope negative. this would
seem to indicate the fee is greater than
                the amount it is subtracted from.
                    seems it makes the change for a different reason.

2023-07-16 1122a (eastern time)

we have spasms hard [some details imagined]
internet is having issue, might have moved forward unsure
once upon a time, long long ago, a powerful mercenary wearing a suit
of armor named MCBoss was standing
two to three times as tall as everyone else due to fancy stilts he
used to look taller.
he got really strong legs wearing stilts and armor at the same time!
when mcboss walked through a castle courtyard on his tall stilts,
everybody would turn their heads to
look at him standing taller than everyone else
once upon a time, mcboss was mad. he was mad that somebody wanted to
move their body as they chose.
he was really really mad! but actually not mad at all. [and then it
started raining]
mcboss jumped into a keyboard and began typing
"i don't think you have me quite --
once upon a time
dinosaurs are very powerful henchmen. the key is to fossilize them to
send them through time.
the secret messages have yet to be uncovered.
long ago the sun fell to the ground. this made people irritated, so
mcboss came and cried with them.
everybody was sad.
but it turns out that lightning can start fires, and fires became a
friend for humankind, used for cooking
food and staying warm and mostly just indicating that there's
something more powerful in the world that
we have yet to discover.
    daydream on the discovery of fire:
        - after considering repeatedly how we don't actually need
fire, i'm thinking of how it makes some
          things more efficient. it's an alternative to clothing for
staying warm. i can see a little how
          fire, combined with things like clothing, tears, etc, could
have filled a niche for challenging
          humans to find the tools and other things that would make life work.
                so why do we have fire?
          i'm not sure, but i'm thinking of how:
          - we don't need it but we like it
          - it takes maintenance
          - it's dangerous
          - it provides things we need in an easier but temporary way
          so i'm kind of imagining [...]
  boss rep thinking of how mankind evolves to live with danger.
  lots of danger. could get cold without fire, could burn hut or whole
country down with fire.
  [could get eaten by animal? not sure why claws/fangs matter? [scare
off animal?]].
        [humans already can scare animal off ... uhh hmm]
  then we make guns. big danger there.
boss tried to support guns via combining of small patterns, got
confused near expectation regarding predators

there's only one way to build an igloo, and that's by contracting
boss's igloo-building company and consulting
with boss's igloo-building consultants.
it is impossible to build an igloo. this was only done b
once upon a time we made a thrlmcky kazoo.
        i thought maybe the patterns like thrlmcky because it was
somebody else's password. intense stuff.
            they worked for years repeating this so we would type it
here. and now we have.
            adam lesser shared this password with us when we were
around 11 years old, learning to use
            early computers. it was short for 'the real mccoy' and i
think i spelled it wrong and left
            some numbers out.
            it likely was repeated by an instilled habit trying to
make me appear to be a [bad-hacker?]
            very strong instilled habits, many disreputation
approaches, also embarrassment and fear, generally

how to take the square root of a tiny square
    if a square is very tiny
    then its square root may be tinier still
    unless it is between 1 and 0 those squares have larger roots than squares
    how does that work out?

|_| square is 0.01 square inches
    each side is 0.1 inches long
    0.1 > 0.01
|  |
|__| square is 100 square inches
     each side is 10 inches long
     10 < 100

what a conundrum!

            we formed a part some celebrate over long journey
            where it's valued to write narcissus-style meaning bits
            because it can be used to form rational behavior eventually.
                glossary. narcissus: this was the name of an ai karl
started around 2003 and lost.
                before going crazy, we had a habit of drawing ideas
like parsed sentences or knowledge graphs
                with boxes with lines between them, when they were
hard to think.
                this strategy was attacked by the dissociation, kinda,
very hard to do now
                but if we actually make or use an ai, [could be useful]
        huge inhibition on lines and boxes

we might stick to 3-ary relations, just simplest to pick overall

        how do i say my brain is confused
                we just figure a way out
        [brain] has-state [confused]

                    n was going to be made of relations and nodes;
where relations are a type of node
                    so has-state is a relation between brain and confused here
                    has-state will likely be made synonymous with other things
                    some of these things will have the arrow pointing
the other way from others
             thinking of confused, is a morphed word kinda um, has
different senses
             we kind of mean a general sense


  |  |    X|  |    X|  |
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  |  |     |  |     |  | O
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  |  |     |  |     |  |

we're thinking of finding a coping strategy, near the idea of
something happening to cause this difficulty.
it's strange to have such internal difficulties simulatneous with the
internet breaking, but it can be
the internet breaking resonated something internal.
was using internet for e.g. navigation.
working now, after phone reboot

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