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Tue Jul 4 10:06:30 PDT 2023

On 6/30/23, Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many
<gmkarl+brainwashingandfuckingupthehackerslaves at> wrote:
> there are so many books on the cult recovery stuff
> i got a coupon for one written by a lecturer [and bought it in ebook
> form, it's vitalsource and i'm on linux, hard to rip]
> oh btw almost everybody there is a) a survivor and b) a professional
> it's quite powerful! to be surrounded by therapists for complex trauma
> and phd researchers and all this stuff, _all of them survivors of mind
> control_
> there are like only a handful of us newbie people
> and what's funny is i went to one of the online discussion forums and

i joined a book club! it's the first post-conference group i got to. i
went to only one thing. i don't know if i will make the next one. it's
funny, we'll see how it goes.

anyway, the next book they are reading is one by ummmmm i don't
immediately have his name all
turned-to-normal-words-rather-than-weird-babble. lifton! it's a book
by a famous guy named Lifton called uhh "losing reality", sorry about
the name, things get weird when you leave the in-person groups.

so it makes sense to try to read this book for the book club, or at
least it makes a little sense. they're starting it the week after
next, but i'm kinda spasmy atm and not sure what to do. btw the book
they are finishing now is called umm uhh "cultish", i think it's about
languages inside cults not sure, it was hard to attend my first
meeting. not sure what i think of it yet, might not have been the best
group choice, but atm it's my only one!

reading is funny for me, because it's very hard and i tend not to
absorb much from it. hence some of the ritual-trials associated with
posting books to the list by hand. but i think maybe i can get better
at reading!

note: lifton's prime book is called "the psychology of totalism" and
it's often cited regarding severe coercive psychological change. for
some reason we are doing a different book instead. sorry about that. i
should have mentioned the suggestive implications of the name, i
didn't think of doing this, i was just trying to be there and hear
what people were saying a little and find ways to enjoy it so i might
be more likely to return.

funny, i'm trying to get to the library genesis page but i'm on free
government mobile and libgen is blocked by opendns. i guess i could
use tor, but i already downloaded the book on another device anyway.

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