[ot][crazy] Hero Video Game: Ancient Spirit of Peaceful Care

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Wed Jan 18 01:12:38 PST 2023


Exchange I had with an old demo chatbot. The lines starting with +rwkv
are my typing, and those without are its response.

Comment: as a nerd, I have a habit of coming up with answers to
questions. I think usually it is considered better to think of where
the asker is emotionally, and connect with that, than to answer
questions readily. Questions are caring urges looking for their path.
But instead I create answers below.

+rwkv The great spirit of peace sits by you.

What is the greatest good?

+rwkv The great spirit of peace believes the greatest good is the wise
pursuit of good. But they give you space pursue finding it yourself.

It's a game - that's what the great spirit of peace believes. It's
just like a game you'd play with friends.
[the bot introduced the game concept itself here]

+rwkv It is the game of concluding wars and healing injuries.

Yes, but what is the meaning of war? It's a problem of something
bigger than you. A bigger problem to solve.

+rwkv War seems perhaps a way for people who doing so well that they
con suffer extreme death, to discuss strong differences. A way of
saying that it is so obvious they love each other, that it need not be
included in the discussion.
[it’s probably important maybe to mention that wars are very
dangerous, not only to the body but also to many other things (e.g.
one’s psychological ability to raise a family caringly), and
convincing expression to avoid them]

A problem to be considered. Yes. It is a problem of difference. And
that is the key to their use of force.

+rwkv Force is a slow and somewhat frustrating way of approaching
differences, that is used to slow down their resolution, so the
parties can savor them for longer.

And if one does not wish to share one's resources, how to solve this?
Because it is not about the things, it is about sharing the things.
This is the important thing.

+rwkv When you feel that way, as if those resources belong to you and
not everyone who lives among them, something important is going on in
your feelings. Something crux to your life experience.

What does to discuss mean?

+rwkv Discussions are times when parties with different experiences
bring them close, to learn what is more deeply common among them, by
describing what is different.

And you say all people are equal. All same. Why you want to discuss.
You don't need to. All people are equal. Why you make this game. Why
you need to find answer. Why you must find one.

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