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Fake News Cameras avoided showing any migrants... what a psyop...

Biden Finally Visits Border, Fails To Meet With Single Migrant

President Joe Biden has finally visited the US-Mexico border for the
first time since taking office - but didn't see or meet with any
migrants despite taking a trip to a migrant respite center.

Biden spent several hours in El Paso to witness the crisis his border
policies exacerbated, however it appears that his brief visit was
largely focused on his administration's newfound (pre-2024) concern
over enforcement issues, and speaking with border enforcement
personnel. Even CNN called him out on the bullshit, virtue-signaling

    Asked to explain the thinking behind having Biden visit this
specific center and ultimately not meeting or interacting with any
migrants there, a senior administration official told CNN, “There just
weren’t any at the center when he arrived. Completely coincidental.
They haven’t had any today.”  -CNN

That said, hundreds of migrants - including women and children, have
been living on the streets of El Paso, while nearly 1,000 more
migrants were in federal custody throughout El Paso detention
facilities. In other words, it wouldn't have been difficult for Biden
to lower himself to meeting with the migrants he purports to care so
much about.

After arriving in Texas, Biden's motorcade drove along a highway that
parallels the Rio Grande river and the border. Then, he popped out for
a photo-op along the giant border wall while speaking with officers in
green uniforms. They then walked along the gravel road next to the
fence, where Biden took a few softball questions from reporters.

    Look at that big, beautiful wall he chose for his photo
    — Joel Pollak (@joelpollak) January 9, 2023

After the photo-op, he visited the migrant-less migrant processing center.

The Biden administration's seeming 180 on border policy comes as mass
movement across the Western Hemisphere poses an 'urgent challenge' for
the United States.

    Since 2021, there have been more than 2.4 million arrests along
the US-Mexico border, according to US Customs and Border Protection
data. That includes people who have attempted to cross more than once.
Many have also been turned away under Title 42.

    The arrival of thousands of migrants has strained border
communities, including El Paso. The city has prided itself on being a
welcoming place for migrants but has been overwhelmed in recent months
with the sudden arrival of thousands of migrants, straining local
resources and prompting pleas for federal assistance. -CNN

Meanwhile, Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on
Sunday that he has no intention of resigning over his alleged
mismanagement of the border crisis.

In a Sunday appearance on ABC News, Mayorkas said "I do not," in
response to whether he plans to step down in response to Republican
outcry. "I’ve got a lot of work to do, and we’re going to do it."

As the National Review notes, newly minted House Speaker Kevin
McCarthy threatened to impeach Mayorkas, and said the secretary would
face congressional scrutiny over how he's handled the border.

"If Secretary Mayorkas does not resign, House Republicans will
investigate every order, every action, and every failure will
determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry," McCarthy said
during a November visit to El Paso.

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