Morning Spam

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Mon Jan 2 04:58:53 PST 2023

Boss in confinement box. A rebel cyborg experimentee is trying to make
him more relational.

Boss: "Ummm .... Let's rip off somebody's head!"

There is a big sign in front of Boss in the box.

Sign: "Evil Is Bad: Memorize This"

Rebel Cyborg Experimentee: "No. Ripping off peoples' heads is evil.
Never do this."

Boss: "Oh! Who would have guess it ... Ummmmm ... Let's rape people!"

A loud buzzer goes off making a sound like a wrong guess on a trivia show.

Rebel Cyborg Experimentee: "No. Raping people is evil. Never do this."

Boss: "Gee! Who rigged this test? Ok ... Ummmm .... Let's use people's
intestines as climbing rope!"

A crowd of people come up to Boss and frown at him pointedly.

Rebel Cyborg Exerimentee: "No. Vivisecting people and misusing their
organs is evil. Never do this."

Boss: "You're going to say that no matter what I say, aren't you. How
about this one: 'Let's start a business for helping governments meet
their goals.' Tell me it's evil. Tell me!"

A happy ding goes off with a fanfare. The crowd of people grin
pointedly at Boss.

Rebel Cyborg Experimentee: "Yes! Well done! Starting a business is a
totally fine thing!"

Boss stares at Rebel Cyborg Experimentee: "I don't understand."

Boss: "I don't understand at all."

Boss: "What is this torture you are forcing me through?"

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