Contract out on Keanu Reeves

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Feb 15 11:48:12 PST 2023

In a recent interview with Wired to promote his new film “John Wick 4,” Reeves said, “I know the steak isn’t real and I don’t really have any power or influence in cypherspace but I don’t care ".

After his cybernetic priest and psychopathic mass-murderer acts, NFT’s and music created by AI is going to pushed at us by the crypto-fascist Reeves.

" It’s this sensorium. It’s spectacle,” he said. “And it’s a system of control and manipulation. Like Conde Nast "

Reeves explained that he recently tried to explain to a teenager that his “ John Wick” movies are “ fighting for what was real in the Military-Entertainment-Complex - I’m the Explainerator ".

Like Ross Ulbricht preening, posing and posturing as a strict pacifist while hiring multiple hitmen, Reeves proffers a sop to future metaverse wheelchair access. Such a disgusting fraud on the public would normally stick out - but in the Hollywood matrix, Reeves slots right in.

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