Cryptocurrency: LWarren GGensler FED SEC Pols and Banks... Threaten Crypto Freedom

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Feb 16 00:46:00 PST 2023

Elizabeth Warren is building an anti-crypto army. Some conservatives
are on board.
They're pissed off that crypto will devour all the money they launder
for themselves.
"The progressive Massachusetts Democrat is starting to recruit
conservative Senate Republicans to her anti-crypto cause and getting
some early positive vibes from bank lobbyists, who also want to rein
in digital asset startups."

"This fucking hag is getting annoying  -- Crypto Internet"

Gary Gensler killing exchange custody, causes uproar re earlier Fed
Reserve bank ban.

Charlie Munger still talking shit.
Feinstein Biden and Pelosi still drooling shit.
Jamie Dimon still lying frauding and feeing shit.
Governments still devaluing stealing and killing shit.

Freedom via Crypto is more important than
any of their opinions and attempts to rule
over you and the rest of Humanity with their
lies theft and wars. Tell them all to fuckoff.
And go crypto and gold instead of their silly Fiat.

Members of the SEC should be banned from buying or selling
cryptocurrency until a complete law on it is established.
I'm getting really tired of these privileged unelected officials
buying and selling cryptocurrency while at the same time knowing that
any word, murmur, or "new idea" coming out of their mouths can produce
a cascading effect of FUD or hype at the drop of a dime.
To all of this, struggling people who might have or having the
opportunity to make a little extra cash to help them out through
difficult times have to sit back and watch as their cryptos tank
single or double drops every time.
Furthermore, we all know these people in this ruling cult we call
"SEC" are clearly not struggling individuals. They drive luxury cars,
receive kickbacks, and earn 6 to 7 digit incomes through their
salaries, investments , or whatever other side business they are
engaged in combined. They are happy and enabled to so to, practice the
precepts of maneuvering around their regulations at will when it comes
to trading crypto.
All they have to do is buy Bitcoin, then make an announcement that
there is no further ruling on crypto for the next year, and watch
their coins jump 10%. Then they can sell , and make a fud announcement
tanking it 20% where they buy up for cheap. Rinse and repeat. Not
saying they do that exactly but in light of this...
They should be banned from buying or selling until a full rule of law
on crypto is established.

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