Cryptocurrency: Craig Wright is a Liar, Fraud, and Royal Asshole

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Feb 8 19:27:51 PST 2023

Craig LOSES, Again, Lol...

Judge rules Craig Wright loses copyright infringement case on the
"Bitcoin File Format"
I'm sure you've heard that Craig Wright has sued bitcoin developers
for copyright infringement on 3 issues: The Bitcoin Whitepaper, the
Bitcoin blockchain, and the Bitcoin File Format. Yesterday, a judge
ruled that "there is no serious issue to be tried. I see no reason why
any of the defendants should be burdened with this particular claim"
and denied Wright to appeal when it comes to the file format.
Basically, the judge has ruled that Wright can't serve the
out-of-jurisdiction defendants on the third claim, since he wasn't
able to provide evidence that the "Bitcoin File Format" was ever

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