Cryptocurrency: Craig Wright is a Liar, Fraud, and Royal Asshole

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Feb 5 14:37:29 PST 2023

Pompous Asshat Craig Wright in the news again...

Sign a cryptographic proof, in public, using the Genesis key,
or remain an imposter fraud and get lost. Not that it matters,
the free crypto world isn't going to follow an asshole like you,
anyway, nor anyone else for that matter. Code, Freedom,
Privacy, and more, rule and self-represent now. Nothing else.

Peter Todd @peterktodd
Feb 4
We made the right call in ejecting @gavinandresen from Bitcoin. It
doesn't matter what NDAs or other agreements he might have signed with
Craig Wright. Continuing to leave this up is being complicit with
fraud. The ethical thing to do is rescind it and accept the
hodlonaut @hodlonaut
Feb 4
This is still up on @gavinandresen’s blog, and still being used by CSW
to try and bankrupt me and other bitcoiners in court. Gavin remains

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