Cryptocurrency: Is Fighting Against The OCC and FED De-Banking War

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Feb 8 18:22:52 PST 2023

Stitching together recent news reveals a major
coordinated push to kill crypto by killing its banking.
All they are doing is empowering and speeding up the
long term revolution of the bankless into cryptoprivacy ;)

The Fed and OCC are in the midst of a massive crypto de-banking operation.

"what is going on is draconian and aimed to kill crypto". The Fed and
OCC are going after Morgan Stanley, Custodia bank and even states that
are crypto friendly like Wyoming.

Paxos Global and others were told by the OCC to either withdraw their
banking charter applications or they would be denied by Friday. "VC’s
are starting to become very, very concerned that their crypto
portfolio companies are being de-banked en masse."

The OCC is said to produce a paper shortly that is said to be so
draconian that a sizable portion of OCC employees may depart.

"I don't want to alarm, but since the turn of the year, a new
Operation Choke Point type operation began targeting the crypto space
in the US. it is a well-coordinated effort to marginalize the industry
and cut of its connectivity to the banking system - and it's working"
- Nic Carter

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