Voluntaryism Beats "Democracy": NZ Queen Ruler Jacinda Ardern Has Mental Breakdown, Quits

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 14:57:31 PST 2023

"In several opinion polls, Ardern's domestic popularity had reached
all-time lows in the past few months"

That is what being an Evil Authoritarian Tyrant Politician
does to themselves. Locking down Humanity, forcing people to
ingest things, smashing their businesses, stealing and
extorting money from people under threat of prison and death,
cancelling Human Freedom and transferring it from Humanity to
themselves and their cronies, lies, power, debt, psyops, war, and
endless reams of needless bullshit regimes growing till they implode.
This is what politicians do, history proves that there are no exceptions.

At least every once in a while one of them publicly suffers the mental
consequences of their own soul robbing anti-Human Evils, thereby
demonstrating all that is wrong in that.
"Inability to commit" ... "I no longer have enough in the tank" -- Ardern

"Jacinda has faced a level of hatred and vitriol which in my experience
is unprecedented in our country. -- Helen Clark"

There is a reason for that...
"Democracy" is totalitarian and murderous at its core and claims the
invalid non-authority of the "majority" to do so. Democracy is a fatally flawed
violent anti-Freedom concept concocted by politicians seeking power,
and it is now being exposed as such all over the internet.

You are now at risk of Nuclear War because "Democracy" has taught
as its false universal truth that it is right to forcibly rule your designs
for and over top of other peoples who have done nothing to you.

The Internet has now not only clearly exposed that flaw, but
also provided the knowledge and path to a voluntary society.


There is no longer any reason to put anyone in power over you,
no Politician, and no Government, anymore, ever.
And no longer any reason for you to "vote" yourselves into power
over anyone else, anymore, ever.

So stop doing that.

Learn and adopt voluntaryism.

Become Free.

And introduce the healing path of Voluntaryism to those
who have inflicted the moral and mental breakdown of
Democracy upon themselves.

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