My new Daily Dot article: Coffee Cty, GA missing laptop may impact Trump, Curling cases

Karl Semich 0xloem at
Tue Dec 19 18:09:45 PST 2023

thanks douglas
i found the events are reported elsewhere too

random thoughts:
you could possibly finetune a video-classification model to recover the
speech from the video with a ton of phone call videos
i guess people like this have/will be taking over our government unless we
can figure these things out better

On Tue, Dec 19, 2023 at 20:34 Douglas Lucas <dal at> wrote:

> It's logs filed in court. They make up some of the exhibit(s) in a
> court-filed declaration by Kevin Skoglund, computer security expert for
> plaintiffs in Curling v. Raffensperger.
> Skoglund's full declaration is here
> Basically, SullivanStrickler is the Atlanta-based forensics firm from
> which technicians carried out much, though not all, of the breach. Their
> ownership is still supportive of it. After exfilitrating all voting
> computer files, these SullivanStrickler breachers put them on a
> restricted-access ShareFile for select Trumper allies to download. The
> logs you are looking at relate to this ShareFile accessing, showing that
> basically, the voting files are out there in the shadowy wild, but not
> in public hands, just in the hands of Trump allies ... so far, or as far
> as can be determined. Maybe they sold them to whomever. I wouldn't be
> surprised to see portions of it, or all of it, leaked at some point, but
> I think Trumpers are more interested in not getting arrested than they
> are in civil disobedience or debugging voting software. Dominion Voting
> Systems hasn't shown anything to indicate they care about the copying of
> their chief 'intellectual property' assets. Which is weird.
> Douglas
> On 2023-12-19 17:25, Karl Semich wrote:
> > hi douglas! i’m directing my spam energy around your blog so i swamp
> > it less.
> >
> > I visited this link:
> >> Online distribution was via private access, not public internet.
> >
> >>
> >
> > answer my questions only if it is fun to!
> >
> > Should I know what I am looking at here?
> >
> > It looks like this might be a handpasted access log for a
> > court-related file repository containing voting machine and digital
> > forensics data from the months of dec 2020 through feb 2021. is this
> > correct?
> >
> > how does it back that online distribution of compromised files was via
> > private access? is this the folder that was used for distribution?
> > what folder is it / what system is it from?
> >
> > are all these names, email addresses, companies, etc, the specific
> > individuals that the files were distributed to?
> >
> > it’s cool to see right inside things like this!!
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