My new Daily Dot article: Coffee Cty, GA missing laptop may impact Trump, Curling cases

Douglas Lucas dal at
Tue Dec 19 17:34:35 PST 2023

It's logs filed in court. They make up some of the exhibit(s) in a
court-filed declaration by Kevin Skoglund, computer security expert for
plaintiffs in Curling v. Raffensperger.

Skoglund's full declaration is here

Basically, SullivanStrickler is the Atlanta-based forensics firm from
which technicians carried out much, though not all, of the breach. Their
ownership is still supportive of it. After exfilitrating all voting
computer files, these SullivanStrickler breachers put them on a
restricted-access ShareFile for select Trumper allies to download. The
logs you are looking at relate to this ShareFile accessing, showing that
basically, the voting files are out there in the shadowy wild, but not
in public hands, just in the hands of Trump allies ... so far, or as far
as can be determined. Maybe they sold them to whomever. I wouldn't be
surprised to see portions of it, or all of it, leaked at some point, but
I think Trumpers are more interested in not getting arrested than they
are in civil disobedience or debugging voting software. Dominion Voting
Systems hasn't shown anything to indicate they care about the copying of
their chief 'intellectual property' assets. Which is weird.


On 2023-12-19 17:25, Karl Semich wrote:
> hi douglas! i’m directing my spam energy around your blog so i swamp
> it less.
> I visited this link:
>> Online distribution was via private access, not public internet.
> answer my questions only if it is fun to!
> Should I know what I am looking at here?
> It looks like this might be a handpasted access log for a
> court-related file repository containing voting machine and digital
> forensics data from the months of dec 2020 through feb 2021. is this
> correct?
> how does it back that online distribution of compromised files was via
> private access? is this the folder that was used for distribution?
> what folder is it / what system is it from?
> are all these names, email addresses, companies, etc, the specific
> individuals that the files were distributed to?
> it’s cool to see right inside things like this!!

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