Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Fri Dec 8 09:18:51 PST 2023

traffick boss bellows from basement: “you want to lose all your money? i
understand this stuff.”

a cowering worker looks at traffick boss helplessly

traffick boss: “get


rebel worker 2: “what is the big issue? find one of the line items and ask
traffick boss about it”

rebel worker 83: “yes!”

rebel worker 38 finds one of the expense sheets

“this month we spent …. two billion dollars, about, looks like it’s mostly
on powersuit fuel and icecream, some cybernetic augmentations, tribute
payments or something …”

doubly-coerced hairdresser: “ha! traffick boss spends money on powersuit
fuel like it’s water. but why icecream?”

doubly-mind-controlled zombie government worker [undergoing therapy for
zombieism]: “traffick boss values his trips to the icecream store.”

rebel worker 2: “please consolidate the line items”

rebel worker 83 [previously an augmented spleen]: “i’ll work on this. i’m
not completely certain how, but i will try.”

rebel worker 2: “could somebody help rebel worker 83? i can if needed too.”

rebel workers and vivisectees and ex-henchmen stare at each other.

mind controlled researcher: “does anybody remember how to do accounting”

obsessive military artist: “don’t you use spreadsheets or something?”

the computers are all tied up fighting themselves holding traffick boss in

rebel worker 2: “this might take longer than planned.”



worker 23: “i got these summaries from traffick boss but it’s just a

worker 23: “i think something went wrong when he saw cryptocurrency

powersuit fuel12/8/2023 -$290512/6/2023 -$2331shitty biological
augmentations12/7/2023 -$6634business agreements affirmative slavery
inc12/6/2023 -$878 slaves and games corporation12/5/2023 -$847
cryptocurrency profits! wtf?12/6/2023 $49805 cryptocurrency purchases?
wtf!sending savings to granma to hide in her pillowcase12/5/2023 -$48799

rebel worker 2: “i’m sorry about the snag’


the confused peoples worry about the snag some. they look a little bit at
the explanations made so far.

worker 83: “it’s not quite right, i was still writing it [before the alarm

rebel worker 2: “this is great information but it would be nice to have an
entire month”

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