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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Fri Dec 8 09:27:26 PST 2023

to translate these to traffick boss expenses we removed the periods so
cents look like dollars. items are all 100x the real items. for some reason
linebreaks were missing after sending. our text window is not that
responsive so we’re not adding them back.

powersuit fuel12/8/2023 -$290512/6/2023 -$2331shitty biological

powersuit fuel is gasoline for car. we are driving because inhibitions near
executive functioning and sleeping outdoors have been seeming to make
public transit difficult. [traffick boss corp needs to make business

augmentations12/7/2023 -$6634business agreements affirmative slavery
these biological augmentations were mostly toothbrushing supplies and
eyeblubricant. we have a dissociative issue where we lose valued items,
these were replacements. toothbrushing supplies are not usually lost and
could have been watched after better.

> inc12/6/2023 -$878 slaves and games corporation12/5/2023 -$847
the $8.78 is affirm inc, a loan. bad to support things that put people in
financial debt.
the $8.47 is apple, ipad purchases.

> cryptocurrency profits! wtf?12/6/2023 $49805 cryptocurrency purchases?
> wtf!sending savings to granma to hide in her pillowcase12/5/2023 -$48799
here we got a bit confused, karl thought something was a purchase but it
was a withdrawal from coinbase

> rebel worker 2: “i’m sorry about the snag’
> 1116
> the confused peoples worry about the snag some. they look a little bit at
> the explanations made so far.
> worker 83: “it’s not quite right, i was still writing it [before the alarm
> rose]”
> rebel worker 2: “this is great information but it would be nice to have an
> entire month”
> 1118
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