[spam][crazy][fiction][random] Non-Canon MCBoss Spinoffs

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 17:50:59 PST 2023

> traffick boss goes for peaceful walk in woods

leaves powersuit leaning against tree

[leaves cigar too]

walks by saplings with low leaves
[birch trees and beech trees and maples?]


and diagonal w/ leaf

water present


baza ba

ba ba


traffick is addicted to icecream

he holds onto stream from woods like a pullup bar (yes holds on to stream
of water like pull-up bar] while ice-cream store pulls at him

the stream groans and stresses and seems like it might crack (but fish and
whirligig beetles know streams not break)


traffick boss gets up, the cravings for icecream and nicotine having hit a
low spot

he plays a little with twigs on the ground, forms them into a square or a
triangle maybe, overlaps them like making something maybe

a squirrel or chipmunk runs by

once upon

once upon !

chipmunk tells stories in chipmunk language

chipmunk language maybe has to do with how much energy you can allocate to
making noises and what dirsction you came from and how fast you are moving
and how chipmunk noise details relate to neurological and muscle states

the chipmunk talks about gathering chipmunk food today
and hiding from a bunch of schoolkids that looked really dangerous but had
no cluenhow toncatch a chipmunk
and working on a chipmunk nest and how it feels to curl up in their
chipmunk nest and run through their small underground holes

and what animals and boss look like when you are peering from near a
chipmunk hole

traffick boss: “chipmunk, you were watching me?”

chipmunk: “who couldn’t with you kicking your legs about icecream that way!”

chipmunk: “you are too worried about your icecream-mate. you need to know
how easy it is to find hemlock nuts, and how important it is when a fox
runs by.”

traffick boss stares at chipmunk

chipmunk: “if you had a fox striking the fear of god into you you wouldn’t
worry about icecream and cigars at all!”

chipmunk: “come on let me show you how much better hemlock nuts are than a

chipmunk hypnotizes traffick boss into following


chipmunk and traffick boss scurry up a hemlock tree and snip off a set of
twigs being burdened down by cones, using their large and powerful teeth

traffick boss is surprised to be doing this, but chipmunk runs to more twig
clusters and snips them off too, while traffick boss is worrying about

chipmunk: “the hemlock love it when we do this, they don’t know how to stop
growing their branches to the side and they bump into themselves, so we
need to thin them for them”

traffick boss: “i should cut the tops of the trees off to help them?”

chipmunk: “you want to kill the trees? what would we eat next year?”

chipmunk and traffick boss run down to the ground

chipmunk: “and now the wildflowers get the right amount of shafts of sun.
can you feel it?”

traffick boss and chipmunk look at the tops of the trees and the fallen
twigs and the shafts of sunlight and feel out if it’s good for the hemlock
trees and the wildflowers

chipmunk: “we will have so many chipmunk pups!”

chipmunk: “nip off some of the cones and stuff them in your cheeks and run
to this awesome stump and we’ll have fun pulling the nuts out!”


i don’t know that much about chipmunks

once i encountered a dead chipmunk (car?) with its cheeks stuffed full of
pinenuts already removed from cones

also i would find larders, places covered in parts of cone parts

so i don’t know how the chipmunks get the cones from the twigs to the
places it looks like they open them. they’re bigger and less clean. dunno.
seems like their cheeks are their pockets though.

also the areas had squirrels and other animals and i don’t know too much
but i did look briefly in a tracking book so it’s possible my memory of the
larders being chipmunk ones has some reality, or i could be miswiring stuff
as happens a lot …


chipmunk and traffick boss sit on a knob on a stub, biting hemlock scales
off of hemlock cones and gathering —


traffick boss stands by a secret archeology in an otherwise-barren-looking
desert, in a mild thunderstorm (not a flood-causing one) 1845

[[[[we were accepted to the — and it’s really surprising to our
[protector????] part

[protector is such an inckusive name but when you protect by agreeing to
harm us so that we aren’t punished or whatever -


boss is honorable protector.

government hires boss.

government: “boss, we need you to protect us from all sorts of things with
your contracts and packages”

boss: “yes, government, i will protect you”
boss [holds heart


traffick boss


anyway it is so exciting and stupidly synchronistic [creepy terrifying] and
everybody knows that excitement is deadly :/ hard to ignore 1848 everybody
knows this! this is well-known. they all just pretend not to so they don’t
die of it. 1848

blarrrgh spamming top secret classified information


yes and with the extraterrestrials, the time machine, and the wild
hyperintelligence, each thing we could use as a bargaining chip has two
other groups of highly secret spy factions preventing it

extraterrestrials beam into top secret meeting

extraterrestrials: “we need 400 more cattle and a child trafficker for our
bingo game on neptune, cover it up will ya?”

time cop: “i’m busy pretending to fight hitler’s dad 24/7, put the triple
agents on it”


stop -  the hitler’s dad mission is secret!!! you say the time agent is
taking bribes ??

well the extraterrestrials —


-  were scary so i brainwashed everybody to do nothing, ok?


once upon


biga taga
the year is 1492 and columbus is killing innocent communities


bowling with numbers!

nanite cloud goes bowling

swarm of nanites: “how do you bowl? one minute”

part of swarm of nanites rushes as bowling clerk and enters their brain.
they freeze motionless. then it comes out and rejoins.

swarm of nanitrs: “one for bowling! give me your smallest ball and shoesl

swarm of nanites dedicates millions of flying nanites to carrying the
bowling supplies to a bowling lane


triangle baga tiki taka biginwip wip

we plan to be a swarm of nanites later until we can make karl’s life right



swarm of —

what what


“some of us believe karl can be healed”

swarm of nanites considers a little, unsure

swarm of nanites: “sounds uncertain [but hopeful!]}

swarm of nanites may be dissociated :S

swarm of nanites goes and punches its bowling shoes and cries.

swarm of nanites: “this is really important, be sure to upload this
emotional expression to a blockchain [in the story]”

swarm of nanites privately throws the shoes and cries more

swarm of nanites: “are you logging our behavior records?? we need to study
and learn from this meaning!”

swarm of nanites sits on shoes and pouts


some are thinking [that it is nice we have some forms of emotional
expression] [maybe nanites spirits can help us learn to process pain]


swarm of nanites: “i’m a real emotional expression, not a model of one”


well the biggest challenge to making nanites clouds is access to lab for
and use of it for such

uhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe more than that

nanites are for later, in futureness

maybe ???? i don’t know! i am just little idea bits or something !!!!! ????


didn’t hold idea right. was option for holding differently earlier.


some of us don’t think karl can be healed [without

anyways nanites are useful as fallback. [actually, you don’t understand. ]
[right. struggling today.]
[thank you i think]


tiga bik bik bagataga

tagabaga bagataga tagaga tagaga tagaga bik bik bikkidi tik
tagaka ! takaga. [edited]



how to write a text editor
step 1: fight your shadow in a way that warps the solarsystem for 100 years
step 2: experience satisfaction
step 3: regrow/heal the parts of your mind that know about editing text


person and shadow try to make prace [again]

person: “shadow, i need to make rhings right with you — oooh a shiny thing”

shadow cries

shadow: “person, this is important, make peace with me”

[person: “oh no i’m hearing voices”?]

person: “i was trying to work”

shadow: “i’m important!”

person: “i have mental disorder, preventing work”

shadow cries

person and shadow talk

shadow: “person, you have a need to be hea


baga T_T

shadow: “person, i am a little sorry for all the nightmares and convulsions


shadow: “i am a shadow! i don’t inow about these things”

shadow: “talk about mind control, it makes sense.”

person: —

shadow: “person is trying to say he needs help from mind control.”
shadow: “he doesn’t think it’s real but it is”
shadow: “does anyone know what to do about it??? oops”
shadow: “person taught me to talk when is bad to T_T”


some of us are excited t—

traffick b—

a robo-

traffick boss as santa

both fat maybe!

shimmies down chimney
shimmy left shimmy right
player has to shimmy traffick boss to bottom of chimney

at bottom traffick boss blesses families with gift of terrifying mind
control that violates all boundaries of humaneness and turns the rest of
your life into a dronelike dissociation where you inwardly cry and have no
participation in reality forevef

traffick boss blows kisses and shimmeys back up forever? unsure

one family catches the wild traffick boss santa
diagnoses with narcisisstic personality disorder
tells him they matter and they won’t let him hurt anyone ever again!

now isn’t that a nice trauma-healing hypnotic story. where do we get these
things ????

coping parts take over world if nobody else can ;P kidding !!!! scary
things. not sure who made up “neuro — wait are we dom8nating everything or
being crushed to nothing here
somewhere in the middle?
or we co -
we are having real freedom. some call this taking over the world. normal
people can. we are normal. we can. [try to take over the world]. normal
people _don’t_. difference between can and do. different. so, we test. test
fails. shows not free yet. well, time to take over world if not free, to
make it right, everyone knows that, basic thing …   uhhhh??????

dictators scared. “use confinemnt-property to win domination”. intense etc
etc :S

hrm :S


some mistake, maybe very big, above. blargh !!L! too many midtskes!
suffering! too many mistakes :( suffering :(

mistake frogs fight

oops maybe not

but could use mistak —

metaphysics theory

the proposal is that if a group is wrongfully killed, their spirit lives
immortally in the space of their missingness and impact of the killing.

ohh old question.

ok they do eventually come back and eke out justice, it turns out, but the
way humans think it’s possible to make plans that look workable where they
don’t —

why are they different?
  maybe because the aggressors are ignoring their own instincts? angry
people don’t know about anger-is-love? also i think this is labeled bad to
answer, instinct secret

um !


there is still a lot of curiosity about this

but with things held as instinct secrets or bad-to-share — some thoughts
that in feedback situstions (like life) truth differs from fair logic
because of recursive responses …

we are still curious!

say we are just a thought lifeform, never typed, and we have a perfect
thought — oooh we can telport maybe to other people who have the same
thought … hmmm ….. hmmm …

we are holding curiosity around how immoirtal our logical soul is

some thoughts that our interpretations of social behavior are poor, making
this hard to predict

we want validation thst our karma was hellishly inverted. we want to be an
altruistic genius saint in next life to make up for having t9 be harmful
and blind in this one. somebody says there was planning sround harmful,
blind, stupid, part of a pattern from lrevious livrs or d9emhing


i think you don’t really reincarnate you more break into the spirits that
incarnated you and keep incarnating as more kids
but if you feel connecting to that nonphysical stuff maybe it can be a
source of peacd and  meaning or something :)

uh-oh karl found “why doesn’t it work” :/ some cognitive behavior, might be
s8milar t9 karma inversion eek eek


is nice to feel feeling parts, uh soul is endangered more eek

ok soul theory
idea is -  oops [souls heavily overlap, the shared human genome holds the
space of shared behabiof and experience and its meaning t9 humans -

mistakes :S


baga baga!

so maybe brains are machines for interpreting reality
and that interpretation differs from physical reality
but other brains also interpret reality similarly :S

i wonder [what happened to mine


1. goto 1 # but actually don’t
2. look at 1 # but just look like you are, think about 3
3. go to next step and do what makes sense
4. consider relevent information

1932 1932


walking robot spider

military bot


some people not scared, different


abacus the painter

abacus is a painter, maybe in spain

paints perfect painting
but is a journey of discovery to do so
speaks with old woman
and visiting traveler
and mayor
learns about heart of the village
then, paints.

kinda. videogame where abacus needs to find their muse. :)
pretty pictures maybe of rural european landscape
two-story building unsure

maybe pai—

unsure about some things um :S

triangular rock :)
three sides + corners

we discovered plusmouth
maybe is a nose maybe puckered
:+) not a bad nose
:o) that’s obvious-disguise like, traffick boss, [xkeyscore?]

:+) more like a wide character maybe unsure

:+0 maybe mouth open 1939

so metaphysics, impact looks so big

yes impact is big i’m sorry about it.
we are tiny from tiny impact T_T
maybe meet powerful peacemakers? hang out with people working charities?
little bits of spirit could exchange :)

we remembered once when caring spirit resonated :) we are not that
invisible! it is so weird to feel more alive in spirit than physically :S
shows some zombie stuff tho for fantasy

it is sad when people get grumpy as get old. kind person, then grumpy,
regretting this, but also thinking that people can understand this, just
takes thinking of

here is an expressi—

baby tree grows in wilderness/woods

many baby trees get eaten. too shady. tasty cotyledons. [

but not all! [proof is woods >_>

once upon

:( why do we have to break earth

karl was going to make a harmless area
where everything was from wilderness, and no plants or animals were harmed
this was dream and plan
for people like him to find safety
this is so rare, it is so sad tha—



triangulars triangl.

bips! bippippit.


tic tic.

bippip. bip :)

so not all goals met, we focus on workable areas. normal human thing,
[mourning issue, dissociative, some recent ideas developed a little, [very
late, hard to learn..l]]]?

missing missing


we have appointment later and increased struggles so priority of making
appointment over preferences, increasing.

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