[spam][crazy][fiction][random] Non-Canon MCBoss Spinoffs

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 04:20:22 PST 2023

baga! baga baga! 0659

try to not hit send until we move body how karl wants more.


oh you don't know what karl is trying to do? :) no i am trapped in scary
dark world :(
this is such news

what helps trapped in scary dark world???
reduce strength of mind control. calm bring out. please ??????
[karl says it is like --

so basically karl neuron helper got harmed thisis big change unsure what is

this seems very sad and unmourned. i think some mind control related people
are engaging them.

to complete theold relation, karl was trying to leave sleeping bag and
resume [traveling]
  they will want to know after the relation.


baga baga ! bip pip :/ baga


once upon a time a scared creature stumbled on a poisonous battlefield
theynoticed everyone dyingof poison ...


but part


you are standing in a void. tribunal is before. giant flaming god archetype
leans down at you and breathes bonfires at face.
archetype: [words are too fancy and powerful to hear] ""
archetype stands and folds arms, looking at you

0706 mistake

> ask for powerful god to repeat the statement that was missed

you try to do this but they are leaving on a comet. however another god
that looks like moonbeams and oceans instead of fire and rocks is here.

> ask moonbeams god for help hearing fire god

moonbeams god smiles at you and says things you don't understand
immediately but ring memories.they gesture if you would like them to change
your mental internals in some way

moonbeams god: 3$6|9<(@&99

ypu realize there is a trickster god chained to your ears


> "trickster! stop interfering with me!"

the trickster grins at you and dangles and shakes a chain of monkeys at you
the trickster takes words from the gods and shuffles them all up and then
gives them to you, then takes words from your mouth and shuffles them up
and gives them to the gods


> fold arms at trickster .. wait


> tell trickster that.. wait

the moonbeams god and you are working the trickster when it kind of shakes
and jitters and splits into more tricksters that start studying your
attempts to communicate successfully and then trickster th --

this is a real problem we have! we call trickster bad part or boss. it does
lots of things. [weird things] --

how to make --

once. bapa! pip bip. pibbidy. pip pop bip.


after my suicide attempt for some reason at [... warcraft


how to invert a binary number. i dunno, but maybe i --

0717 bip. bip! b! p! ih ih. bip :) 0717 bo-- --

zombie was eaten by zombies and gained a new life of eating people to m--

zombie hero is laying on rocky barrens, writhing, trying to make sense of
life after zombieism.

after some time. they get up and keep going :)
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