[spam][crazy][fiction][random] Non-Canon MCBoss Spinoffs

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Mon Aug 14 20:45:22 PDT 2023

mind control boss stands behind curtain on press conference stage
curtain pulls away, revealing h8m, and staged crowd goes wild to see him
hairdressers cheer, zombie government workers cheer, mind controlled
employees cheer, torturers cheer, some other employees aren't sure why
everyone is cheering but consider doing so too, and lots of robots give low
quality fake cheers. some of the over-influenced hypnotized folk get 8nto
the spirit of it and make a big dictator-like sign that says "please cheer"
and hold it for people to cheer in front of, nodding as if they know what'
going on and were in charge.

mind control boss raises his hnd, and everybody suddenly stops cheering,
barely remembering they ever cmheered at all. the sign falls to the ground
and the overhypnotized people holding it rush around for the recording of
the presentation, to remind people they were just cheering.

the curtains have pulled back fully. mind control boss leans in to a

mind control boss [making grandiose gesture, voice echoing out of
loudspeakers]: "today ... i am announcing mind control !"

mind control boss raises his arms into the air, and suddenly everybody is
cheering again, no matter what they were doing immediately prior ...
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