People can instigate violence through the internet.

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Apr 21 18:31:29 PDT 2023

" . . . . we see all the time how people can incite violence through the internet.” The FBI and Pinecrest Police have not yet responded to Decrypt’s requests for comment.

Armstrong has for weeks publicly harassed Moskowitz, sharing screenshots of emails the influencer has sent the lawyer in which Armstrong refers to Moskowitz as a “pussy” and a “bitch.”

Speaking of Pussy Bitches . . . 

Russia and China’s abuse of Red Notices could wreck Interpol for good
The Interpol international alert system has been increasingly abused by repressive regimes …
.2 weeks ago

STREISAND CALLERS! CRYING STREISAND!  One day she'll really call the police.

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