[ot][spam] ai-guided 3d printing

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Fri Apr 21 08:41:41 PDT 2023

thought: ideally i would find the actual rocket design research, or
research it cited

there are kind of two failure points with printing: failure of the
print, and failure of the part

a strong design system would integrate both, such that design of the
part is i informed by strengths of the printing process.

the concept crosses physics simulation, materials properties, computer
vision, defect detection

if we narrow in on defect detection, which i recently glanced at,
could we imagine stretching this to a simulation? how might a computer
learn to simulate a 3d printer? this is something i’ve avoided
learning about.

for each step, it could be a big slow trained algorithm, or it could
be a manually designed system, or it could be a hybrid where an AI
builds a manually designed system
for example: maybe it would be quite helpful to consider a system that
builds a simulation of a mechanism based on observation of it.  this
has overlap with existing motion NeRF research, but is simpler because
it would output a simplified vector description rather than a visual

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