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Fri Apr 21 08:50:05 PDT 2023

here’s a recent paper mentioning generative design and g-code:
https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-031-24457-5_38 Study
of Improving Spur Gears with the Generative Design Method

Abstract [edited]]
the question of how to improve the geometry of these parts was always
in the open.
idea of reducing the material volume used in the manufacturing process
by using a generative design method, meaning a free-flowing design
using generative design software.
CAD model is subjective to parameters that are targeted in the program
(volume, mass, safety factor) that are a frame of reference to develop
different iterations from which we chose 5 of them.
A finite element analysis is made to compare the generative version
with the non-modified CAD to see the differences in behavior. These
results are used to choose the best iteration of the gear.
The parts modified as well as the non-modified ones are manufactured
using different additive manufacturing technologies. An analysis is
made to see the differences in terms of mechanical characteristics by
making tests for surface durability, tensile strength, and bending.
The results of the analysis show a 50% decrease in material volume
without compromising the structural functionality.

comment: this is cool, seems like print optimization. it sounds like
the computer might not be intelligent here, simply trying out changing
parameters? maybe i am wrong? but they managed to optimize and design
and made have data.

experiencing further inhibition. want to look up what finite element
analysis is.

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