FAITH? What a fool believes!

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Apr 16 21:42:24 PDT 2023

We are all about " Don't trust - Verify! " here at cypherpunks.  No faith in God(s)

No faith in Political Masters. 

No faith in Carpetbagger creeps like Erik Voorhees, Jimmy Song and Roger Ver.

Nothing is pre-determined - there is no fate but what we make of it -  I wish I could make youse believe that.

Final note - one of the worst religious faiths of the last 1700 years - and the one most closely associated with the Nazi Holocaust - is Catholic Xtianity. The same faith so closely associated with the so-called ' AUSTRIAN School " of quack economics. 
These filthy Jesuit liars are also currently attacking women world-wide even as some of them seek to colonize crypto.
Faith-mongers go fuck yourselves - if there was any faith in any God it would have to be destroyed.

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