Cryptocurrency: CBDC Digital Fiat WARNING BELLS GOING OFF

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Apr 16 22:08:38 PDT 2023

> Various entities and dark agents have initiated a global war against
> Human Freedom via CBDC's, Digital Fiat, Corporate Shitcoins
> ...
> Your life depends on money, they intend to control it, all of it,
> and you, in every way imaginable. Any dissent will result in
> shutdown of your ability to transact.
> You must fight back and destroy them, now.
> There are no other options.
KanekoaTheGreat @KanekoaTheGreat
Whitney Webb and Jimmy Dore warn that central bank digital currencies
will be used to monitor all financial transactions and control how
people can spend their money: "The vast majority of every country in
the world is developing some type of CBDC and the central bankers
have… [video in tweet]
Writer & researcher for, contributor to
@TLAVagabond, author of a new, two-volume book - One Nation Under

To win you must destroy all the systems they are plotting against you,
and the greatest tool you have is immediate crypto adoption.

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