Cryptoanarchy: Is The Most Important Great Work For Human Freedom

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Apr 16 21:11:45 PDT 2023

Since - as I just said - crypto-CURRENCIES will always be a smaller subset of crypto-economics, itself a smaller subset of a larger anarchist system, it follows with elementary logic that no one crypto-currency can ever place itself above cryptoanarchy. Horses precede carts and the catalyst is never the product. 
I'll keep repeating the most basic factoids like this till relieved by ever stronger left-libertarian AI
Left-libertarianism has a different approach to human freedom than the Right.
Bakunin noted early on that freedom without anarchism is nothing more than privilege, injustice and scumbag entitlement.  And its established cypherpunk praxis we enable privacy for the poor - transparency for the powerful.
Things might have been different had the OG version of ' crypto-anarchy ' prevailed as a " Galts Gulch ' basically.
Unfortunately for them they they couldn't defend their stolen terminology. 
Just as todays Right-libertarians can't prevail so long as they remain handicapped by association with lost causes like the gold-standard, Patriarchy, antivax, Freedom for rapists and murderers like Julian and Ross, Austro-libertarian fraud posing as economics, any Dark Enlightenment, ' national-anarchism' , LOL-GOP, Qanon, Channer, freedoms.
Neo-Nazi nonsense is not to be debated - it is to be smashed.  Carpetbagger crypto-fash you don't want your sorry face punched in then get off the internet.  Hasta luego - SO LONG!

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