Cryptocurrency: CBDC Digital Fiat WARNING BELLS GOING OFF

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Apr 16 21:35:06 PDT 2023

Various entities and dark agents have initiated a global war against
Human Freedom via CBDC's, Digital Fiat, Corporate Shitcoins,
RESTRICT's, War On Cash, War On Crypto, Psyops, Regulation,
and soon much worse in the form of "National Security" and
"Financial Emergency" Laws passed by Politicians and their
GovBank 1984 total control cabals.

The IMF has just launched its Universal Coin.

These must all be recognized as coordinated, and deadly serious.

The growing body of quotes from Politicians, Elites, Banksters,
WEF types, and the rest, are undeniable as to their diabolical
global CBDC plans for you. Total Central Control and Authority.

They have initiated this aggression, power, control, spyveillance,
and final freedom grab against you and all humanity.
They are out to Fuck You, Freedom, and Humanity, Forever.

Your life depends on money, they intend to control it, all of it,
and you, in every way imaginable. Any dissent will result in
shutdown of your ability to transact.

You must fight back and destroy them, now.
There are no other options.

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