Morning Spam

Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many gmkarl+brainwashingandfuckingupthehackerslaves at
Thu Apr 13 03:48:59 PDT 2023

> - the way to take over the world is to imply deniably that you work
> for a top boss, so people's various coerced[in my experience, maybe
> others is different] habits don't want to risk the possibility it
> could be true. my ability to demonstrate this is hampered by my clear
> lack of effectiveness. but others have likely done this. regardless,
> it's true for all of us in some way.

there's something more here where when your life is getting
horrifically destroyed by somebody doing the above with an AI, there's
a space where every tiny thing you do influences perceptions of
whether or not a top boss would want it, and you need to figure out
how to engage that space in order to meet the smallest of your life
goals with any shred of success

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