Cryptocurrency: Action - Shutdown The US RESTRICT Act

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Apr 5 03:38:35 PDT 2023

> The New RESTRICT Act needs all of our attention
> Shut This Bill Down NOW!

EFF finally decides to weigh in after much delay.

EFF: Stop the RESTRICT Act and Pass Real Privacy Legislation
Under the guise of curbing data collection by foreign governments, the
RESTRICT Act (Senate Bill 686) would set the stage for a restriction
on the use of TikTok, but not do nearly enough to truly protect our
private information. Due to undefined mitigation measures coupled with
a vague enforcement provision, the bill could also criminalize common
practices like using a VPN or side-loading to install a prohibited
There are legitimate data privacy concerns about social media
platforms, but this bill is a distraction from real progress on
privacy. Tell Congress to stop giving more power to the Administration
under the guise of undefined and unspecified “national security
threats” and instead to focus on comprehensive consumer data privacy
legislation that will have a real impact. Our data must be protected
no matter what platform it’s on—TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere
else that’s profiting from our private information. This would also
limit the availability of this data to foreign adversaries.
    The Brussels effect is the process of unilateral regulatory
globalisation caused by the European Union de facto (but not
necessarily de jure) externalising its laws outside its borders
through market mechanisms. Through the Brussels effect, regulated
entities, especially corporations, end up complying with EU laws even
outside the EU for a variety of reasons.

If this shit passes were fucked. Why do people vote for big government

Whats crazy is you cant even blame one side for this one. This is a
bi-partisan bill by long standing members of congress. Meaning they
specialize in fuckery and know how to serve it on a plate with
cherries, knowing its a pile of dog shit!

What these scumbags are doing should be exposed in all ways possible.
It can't go unnoticed. People need to rebel against this stupidity,
otherwise this will end up paving the way for some creepy social
credit system.

That is 100% the way this is going, and it is very very intentional.
It's actually very obvious when you stand back and look at all the
legislation that the power apparatus is and has been pushing. Lately
though it's like they aren't even hiding it.

And as much as people hate private gun ownership, these pathetic
bastards in power don't want to ban them to keep everyday people safe,
they want to ban them to keep THEMSELVES safe. Otherwise they wouldn't
be doing all this other simultaneous and parallel legislation.

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