Assassination Politics

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Mon Sep 26 18:29:49 PDT 2022

    2. [68]Andy Andy January 5, 2022

       "Traditionalist," said: "As for you, Andy, your Poe’s law violation
       is the belief that anarchist zones may realistically be expected to
       fend off nation states, terrorists, criminals, and so on."

       I have heard this referred to in libertarian circles as the Hard Problem,
       that is, once the anarcho-capitalist society is formed, how
       do you defend it?

       I have ideas on how this could be done (see my Libertarian Zone
       concept above; armed militias, private security guards, simply staying
       out of conflicts and becoming an economic zone from which lots of
       people could benefit, etc...). I have heard others propose various
       ideas, such as the Assassination Politics concept, put out by a guy
       named Jim Bell. "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver brought this up when I
       interviewed him at Anarchapulco 2018. Check it out here:

       Interview with "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver at Anarchapulco, 2/17/18

Beware of Any War On Terror Fought by a Terrorist Nation
By Keith Preston on October 3, 2021

jim bell says:
October 3, 2021 at 10:54 pm	
Someday, people will begin to appreciate my Assassination Politics
essay, from 1995.

    Keith Preston says:
    October 4, 2021 at 6:10 am	
    As well they should. It’s a masterpiece.

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