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Warm and Soft or Cold and Hard
by Joe Kelley

Hot and Confused or Freezing and Dense.

Absolute Heat Forced into Absolute Compression or Forced into Absolute

Absolute Cold and Forced into Nothing Nowhere.

Too soft and everyone goes their separate ways with no one facing the cold
hard fact that mankind must – as a rule – reproduce and care enough
for future generations to not merely keep on reproducing, but to get
better at it in order to face the cold hard facts about natures

Too hard and everyone is compressed into one body of mass mankind forcing
everyone under the crushing weight of everyone else with no room to move
an elbow or dare to think an original thought.

Taking a lesson from the unnatural laws enforced by Treasonous Frauds, as
they inject into their victims the means by which the slave numbers are
kept at a manageable level, a self-exterminating idea injected into the
pests as a form of pest-control, cost less enforcement of eugenic nirvana,
with the side effect of the few and fewer remaining rats inheriting all
the remaining power, the Rat Final Solution to their too many rats
problem, turned around and used unnaturally to cull the herd of Treasonous

Draining the swamp with the Treasonous Fraud Final Solution mirror image.
What comes around goes around. Fuck around and find out.

The Rulers exterminate those they Rule – as a rule – and just as that
rule works factually, the same Rule consumes the Rulers.

The Final Solution to the unruly too-many-slaves problem turns against the
Masters on Judgment Day.

I’m (not) sorry, nothing (psyc) personal, here is your Bill, and it has
an expiration date.

Now you may be softened up in preparation to learn these facts as
we-the-humans face these facts together in lockstep, or, remain in our
collection of collective Infantile States.

If Treasonous Frauds controlling the pesky slaves were not bad enough,
what do you think happens when there are no more slaves to eat, due to a
general learning curve flattened from top to bottom?

Flatten the curve and everyone is a master and there are no more slaves,
the ultimate logical End Game, with no more need for torture, since
everyone knows everyone else as a fellow Rat in the Treasonous Fraud game,
no more room left for disingenuous intellectually dishonest prejudicial

There is no one LEFT to Rat on when all the defenders are attackers.

All the former innocent producers make each other into guilty criminals.

Who is going to care to know what everyone already knows?

The End Game proves itself when We The People Constitute The Human Rat

We all pay each other to enslave each other until no one has any time LEFT
to produce anything worth stealing from any of the slaves that have
already been eaten.

That leaves one very Fat Rat as the last slave turned master on the
sinking ship of the Infantile State.


Have you ever heard of the essay titled Assassination Politics by Jim
Bell? Before jerking your knee looking for a moderator to help alert the
Treasonous Frauds of a Rat in their Ranks seeking to incite Assassinations
by Politics, you may want to know that this is not merely common
knowledge, it is Public Knowledge, and it is actually a confession as to
the basic principles running The Infantile State.

The magazine Forbes ran an article on this concept not too long ago, with
the required Twist on the original essay title. Plagiarizing by Forbes
authority to do so, the title is now Assassination Markets. This was
published into The Public Domain, by Forbes, in a piece attempting to
assassinate the character of people using cryptocurrencies.

How dare you.

Jim Bell went to prison for a time, not for his Essay, but for trumped-up
charges having to do with tax evasion, or who knows what, I did not get
the transcripts of the charges and my guess is that there was never an
antiquated common law criminal due process of law authorization for
persecuting Jim Bell. No independent grand jury true bill. In other words,
the mere act of ignoring the law of the land is a confession of Treasonous
Fraud during an effort to bring someone to injustice. Jim Bell is free now
and still working the Assassination Politics gambling app, as far as I
know currently.

It turns out that Assassination Politics, or the Forbes version
Assassination Markets, logically lead to Direct Democracy in the Modern
versions of Legalese. Forget about the actual meaning of the word
democracy, forget the original meaning, ignore the grass-roots and organic
meaning, exile the adapted meaning adopted by the Ancient Athenians during
the Golden Age of Greece. Not that democracy, but the New World Order
version of Democracy, you know, as in the saying “Spreading Democracy”
with “Gun Boat Diplomacy” type New World Order Democracy, that
plagiarized, falsified, false flag meaning of Big D Too Big To Fail
Patents Pending Limited Liability Legal Fiction Dogma Democracy.

There is a more recent slogan for New World Order Build Back Better Great
Reset Democracy parroted around the world by the slaves who are hired to
read from the script and avoid any original thought while doing so, and
perhaps you are familiar with this tune too.

Dangerous To Our Democracy


How dumb are the slaves?

It turns out that the slaves will insist upon mass murdering each other at
the ringing of a Jim Bell.

Marginally hidden just below the surface of slave-speak are confessions of
malevolent minds made evil by evil masters. One confesses one’s malice
aforethought during the perpetrating of Treasonous Fraud when one does
onto another that which one would defend against if the targeted victim
were to dare do the same.

Vote Republican.

Do as I say, not as I do, cook the books with two sets of rules, one for
the slaves, another for the masters of slaves.

So what is the confession in Assassination Politics that threatens to turn
everyone into Rats in the Ranks, and then there are no more innocent
people making a living by producing things worth stealing, such as

Modern Direct Democracy IS Assassination Politics, something known to
malevolent mankind because that is the choice made by those choosing that
criminal path, and they do so because that path pays better than all the
workloads that cost so much to me. When targets choose the path to make a
living producing things worth stealing, such as children, made by thee,
and you are defenseless, that constitutes opportunity for me, on my chosen
Rat path.

Who needs a confession once everyone turns onto the lucrative Rat path
when there is at least one Rat LEFT?

Stop Jerking your Collective Knees, looking for the moderators, the
censors, the thought police, and deal with the facts facing you, this
time, just once.


You know, everyone knows this to be true, fact-based, undeniable in fact,
and facts matter, because all lives matter, or an individual chooses
otherwise, and then the only life that matters, according to a malevolent
mind, made by choice, is that individual in time and place, choosing that
Rat path.

One more for me, one less for you. Nothing personal, just working the
injustice business, on your dime.

A penny for your thoughts, crickets.

The cost of membership in the Cult is the basic criminal choice to feed
upon humanity one calorie at a time or all at once. The facts check out
factually. The adjudication of these facts in any other way is based
purely on falsehood, or so-called Fake News.

Stop Jerking your Collective Knees. The study here is not focused on a
moral process known as charity, which is a human thing to do, given the
fact that people have done the work to produce anything worth giving
before charity was invented the first time someone adapted to natural
forces with the clear leverage of charity. Nature provides life forms that
are charitable when that adaptive function serves nature, or God.

Working to be charitable, or just plain old dividing the spoils of dirty
Rats feeding on the innocently productive defenseless hordes, made stupid
and servile with Treasonous Fraud.

For those in spiritually oriented organizations, or, Established
Institutions of Religious Dogma, there are plenty of adaptive ideas useful
in forming disciplined studies of the uses and abuses of the process known
as charity, but that is not the subject matter of my work, not here, not
now, not your work, if you are taking the time and effort required,
expending the cost, to read these words.

Direct Democracy followed to the logical conclusion is clearly followed
with forensic precision in the essay by Jim Bell, or the rewrite of the
same principles in the Forbes article on Assassination Markets.

The Cold Hard Facts are that Direct Democracy quickly turns everyone
against everyone else until there is only one last Rat standing, or
someone grows a moral conscience and opts out, but doing so puts a target
on one’s back as the next-in-line to be exterminated for failing to obey
the enforcement mechanisms of Direct Democracy Writ Large with modern
technology that affords everyone the equal opportunity to gamble on the
fate of humanity.

Mutually Assured Destruction one Fake Democrat at a time.

Enough about that, which exists in reality, not for the faint of heart,
but blaming me for what exists in reality, proves the point, as you reach
for your moderators, while your knee jerks reading this fact-based report
on Modern Democracy as defined by malevolent minds.

Moving on to Federated Republics, please, credit where credit is due.

Due process.

With Modern Democracy a.k.a. Assassination Markets being Cold and Hard,
what are, then, the Soft and Warm Cold Hard Facts constituting the

Federated Republics soften up the enforcement mechanisms to a point at
which human beings can return to liberty, living and letting live,
choice-based decision making on an individual level, to do as one pleases
while agreeing to subject themselves to the will of the…

Did I smell a knee jerk?

Is everyone a fucking progressive liberal these days?

Not the patented "will of the majority" - if that is what you thought. The
voluntary informed consent of those choosing to be subjected to a power
over the individual sovereign decision making power - by natural rights -
agreeing to be subjected, by informed choice, subjecting oneself to the
collective enforcement mechanism, for the collective good, according to
the collective will, is not to a nebulous, ambiguous, fluid, and Rat
Racing battle to gain status as a member of the Majority, farthest from
that as is humanly possible.

The Federated Republican prescription for those maladies injected into
mankind from malevolent individuals is…

Drum roll?

The People as a Whole, dictate to individuals, and expressly not a
division thereof.

Now you are informed, but will you consent, if you were to hear from The
People as a whole, as they may, or may not, demand any service from
individuals of mankind?

If The People as a whole have no voice, then, every individual does as
each one pleases. Everyone is invited, demanded, by suggestion, by
informed consent, to take their seat at the adjudication table, adding
their voice to the collective whole number of people in the area, the
territory, adjudicated by natural laws, also known as the law of the
territory, the law of the land, in Latin: legem terrae, and in English:
the common law, and in America: Federated Republican sovereign entities.

Each King and each Queen are individual Kingdoms by natural right. He,
she, he-she, she-he, or whatever each wishes to be called, for dinner at
the dinner table, or for adjudication at law, is up to the individual
according to the individual's individual power at law.

Who speaks for The People as a whole so as to forensically establish the
collective voice to be obeyed as an enforceable suggestion suggested to
the law-abiding?

Did you buy the lie that criminals obey rules?

Not the majority, not a gang, not The Angry Mob, not a faction, not a
cult, not a minority, not a Special Interest, not a supermajority, not The
Übermensch, not a National Communist Party hiding behind a thin veil of a
cartoon Jackass stealing everything and giving away some of their stolen
loot to fellow cult members in their exclusive Jackass Party, and not a
National Socialist Party hiding behind a thin veil of an oppressive
Elephant in the room shitting on everyone while all the party members, the
cult members, ignore the shit they have to eat because they make nothing
but shit, and their sources of wealth transfers are a closely guarded
patent-pending limited liability intellectual property wrong, above the
forensic scrutiny of the Angry Mob.

The people, through their own authority, as independent individuals,
private prosecutors, private defendants, independent grand jurors, and
independent trial jurors, each individual, all responsible, and all
accountable to The People as a whole, all speaking for themselves.

All people are internally considered as a single republic, so there are as
many republics as there are people in a republic, or what you are dealing
with is not a republic.

Have a clue, please.

How are The People afforded their say so as The People speak for
themselves, and as The People then speak as a whole, so all The People
know what The People say to all the individuals?

Equal Footing Doctrine.

Did your knee jerk again? The New meaning of the word Equal does not Equal
the original meaning.

The federal idea is documented into the public record as the voice of The
People as a whole in many forms by precedence, or stare decisis, for all
to see, to help when your knee jerks, to confirm what The People say as a
whole, when people decide to find out what The People say as a whole,
without leaving anyone out by choices made by numbers of people less than
the whole: individual dictators or cults of dictators issuing and
following dictates.

Run that through your processor, but secure your processor from infection
by virus, defend your processor with a working bullshit detector when
running the numbers yourself, by your own authority, because the
collective good depends upon your unique input added to the whole.

Can the Public Access Public Record of The People speaking as a whole be
confirmed or denied with the following defining moment defining American
Federal Republic Principle?

"That the question was not whether, by a declaration of independence, we
should make ourselves what we are not; but whether we should declare a
fact which already exists:
That, as to the people or Parliament of England, we had always been
independent of them, their restraints on our trade deriving efficacy from
our acquiescence only, and not from any rights they possessed of imposing
them; and that, so far, our connection had been federal only, and was now
dissolved by the commencement of hostilities:
That, as to the king, we had been bound to him by allegiance, but that
this bond was now dissolved by his assent to the late act of Parliament,
by which he declares us out of his protection, and by his levying war on
us a fact which had long ago proved us out of his protection, it being a
certain position in law, that allegiance and protection are reciprocal,
the one ceasing when the other is withdrawn:"

That is not the official meaning of the principles defining American
Federated Republics because God or Mankind or Nature set those meanings of
those words onto Stone, or paper made from hemp plants, rather, the fact
is that the principles work out factually, logically, and are morally
justifiable by each individual each time. Those who arrive at a different
result, when crunching the numbers themselves, rely upon falsehood to do
so, as a matter of record, recorded into cases tried in Courts of Law,
when following due process of law, based upon that principle right there
on The Public Record which records the collective voice of The People as a
whole, without exception, except for those who rely upon falsehood, or
worse, Rats in the Ranks called Treasonous Frauds.

"There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most
solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments" (United States v.
Throckmorton, 98 US 61(1878).

All individuals are republics unto themselves federated with all other
individuals from grass-roots, organically, so as to adapt to natures
dictates, locally, in couples, families, churches, legal jurisdictions or
countries, towns, townships, cities, counties, states, or federations of
states, or federations of federations. If you live and let live, you pay
the cost of membership. If you do not, you join the cult of Treasonous
Frauds. In either case, you get what you pay for, and you lie in the bed
you steal fearfully or sleep comfortably secure in liberty that you defend
with accurate accountability of the facts that matter in any case of
controversy foreign or domestic.

Caveat Emptor

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