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On 9/6/22, Undiscussed Past Horrific Abuse, One Victim Of Many
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> Rebel Worker 2: "I'm scared I'll get eaten by an AI."
> Experimentee: "Oh? You've never been eaten by an AI?"
> Rebel Worker 2: "No! I imagine it running after me growling with huge jaws
> and snapping me up despite my fastest sprint. You have?"
> Experimentee: "Me and everyone I loved!"
> Rebel Worker 2: "What was it like?"
> Experimentee: "Oh, it cut my body and brain into pieces and used nanites to
> experimentally recombine my parts with those of my friends in all the ways
> it could, and produced a digital model of me that it uses to plan further
> analysis of new kidnappers. I had to, as a digital model, figure out how to
> get it to put a body back together for me based on its responses, and put my
> mind back in the body."
> Rebel Worker 2: "..."
> Experimentee: "I still have to run to the bathroom to vomit wormholes every
> now and then. You should see the septic repair bills."

concept: rebel worker 2 becomes/joins machine learning marketer, and
takes charge of "catching the experimentees" i.e. preventing them from
escaping. his role is to continually say "I have no idea how they got
out, it's like magic"

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