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Rebel Worker 2: "I'm scared I'll get eaten by an AI."

Experimentee: "Oh? You've never been eaten by an AI?"

Rebel Worker 2: "No! I imagine it running after me growling with huge jaws and snapping me up despite my fastest sprint. You have?"

Experimentee: "Me and everyone I loved!"

Rebel Worker 2: "What was it like?"

Experimentee: "Oh, it cut my body and brain into pieces and used nanites to experimentally recombine my parts with those of my friends in all the ways it could, and produced a digital model of me that it uses to plan further analysis of new kidnappers. I had to, as a digital model, figure out how to get it to put a body back together for me based on its responses, and put my mind back in the body."

Rebel Worker 2: "..."

Experimentee: "I still have to run to the bathroom to vomit wormholes every now and then. You should see the septic repair bills."
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