My apologies to Professor Rat, although I don't recall what I did years ago.

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Sep 2 17:07:41 PDT 2022

>>>  "the Left will kill you for your Right opportunism - but you claimed you knew this going in."

Okay, I don't quite remember the conversation, it may have been years.  But yes, everything seems to turn into a "political" dispute, especially these days.  Every faction has its enthusiastic opponents. 

BTW, my references to quantum have nothing to do with politics:. It is just that for years, we have seen it said that quantum techniques may help break RSA.  While that might not happen for a decade or longer, messages generated today may be recorded and vulnerable later. ('Venona')

 So there should be pressure to replace RSA with 'quantum resistant' algorithms.  Fortunately, they exist or are being developed.  <<<

Your memory problems are becoming serious enough to warrant concern since this is not some personal spat or private squabble.

Your own ' assassination politics ' describes how everyone - including the Left - will want to try and kill someone developing a turn-key, black box solution. 
Something you also describe as ' doable "

So now you have forgotten your own stated political position to the extent that you encourage MSM type chatter about black box AP.

Its right here in the archives. Jim Bell, the creator of AP, wants to talk-up encrypted-this and anonymized that and digital-cash bounties - the whole black-box thing!

Now the alternative to that elitist, proof-of-work, bells-and-whistles AP is what?

APster - Soft Drill - people power online all the time - the safe non-suicidally daangerous populist solution preferred by most anarchists.

These two AP distro's represent Right ( Black Box ) and Left ( APster )  You swung hard right so it looks like you're ready to die.

Oh well - it was fun while it lasted - but maybe you were only a fake anarchist all along?

I defended you against ultra Fake, Tim May back in the day. He called you a ' SUCKER "

Do you want to die like a Kochsucker?

Keep digging, dumb-bell.

I wouldn't worry about Venona either - quantum computing is bound up with strong AI and that can protect privacy where warranted. After all we will be merging with it so it can't be too anti-social.
People like you that have become slightly stupid and even anarchist resistant shouldn't be on this list.

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