Cryptocurrency: PlanB Whale Forum Oct 28-29 2022 Lugano... Is Bitcoin Serious re Freedom?

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Oct 20 17:20:35 PDT 2022

Next silly question.

OG c-punks like Mongo and Dumb-Bell noted Btc's public-facing aspect as a worry early on.

Then it soon gathered a bunch of professional losers to manage its rapidly sinking narrative.

Austro-libertarians, Gold Buggers, NAP headed nitwits, Randites, Paultards - the usual suspects.

Its a miracle that it catalyzed trillions in new value - but then the entire anarchic net is built on the serendipitous kludge.

Being platform agnostic I don't waste much time wishing Btc ill - merely note superior alternatives are possible.

In the case of AVAX they may have already arrived. 

The first really huge globalized crypto could even be a centralized shitcoin - the red-fascist Chinese have first-mover-advantage here 

and have set the markers for regulatory arbitrage.  Recall the SONY Betamax standard was supposedly superior to VHS.

BTW maybe I'm just getting old but I could once program a Video-recorder while todays wallet documentation may as well be in Mandarin to me.


Welcome to the flawed, contradictory, messy, stop-and-start,  global-revolution.  Bitcoins last stand.


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