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Thu Oct 6 22:53:07 PDT 2022

2022-10-06 2003+0000
I’m working on writing a test training loop. I’ve written a basic data
generator, copied in some of the hyperparameters from the paper, and
linked the algorithm to a toy gpt2 architecture from transformers. I’m
running into strong psychological issues, which is normal for me when
trying to write a training loop.
2020 i’ve drafted a training loop. i know it has missing parts i’ve
glossed over from how i get when i write them. an exception is
throwing in code i thought i had avoided. i’m surprised to still be
working. very tangible, the harsh multidirectional internal
experiences. i usually take a break when things are this intense, to
help retain my memories and thoughts and feelings a little.
2027 i’ve fixed the unexpected exception, which was due to mistakes
within the mutations i made to library code that look like they
trigger when it is loaded. i’m confused that the tests did not catch
them, but at this point the training loop will. i’m now engaging bugs
in my test code. i’m doing somewhat better.
2045 i’ve fixed a number of mistakes in my training loop, and am now
engaging bugs in the forward function of the algorithm. [i’m taking a
break to at least find water, but still feel the multidirectional
intensity and energy. i’ve pushed the current state to git.]
2100 i have water. i was working on a remote system so as to run
bigger tests than my raspberry pi can hold. the internet has stopped
working on the device, interrupting this. i am taking a break, i
2020-10-07 0550 I’m having a sense of stronger cognitive issues than I
want to provide for, and am planning to take a break for a few days.
The next bug was that the causal mask did not have the right shape for
the sequence length.

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