Cryptocurrency: Libertarian Socialism and Bitcoin

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Oct 5 05:04:39 PDT 2022

Bitcoin, 'the clearly early held out as and by OG Voluntary Libertarian AnCap coin' ( according to Garbage-scow Grampus ) was not wholeheartedly embraced by OG's like Mongo and Dumbell, then Assmange traded million in crypto for fiat.
Seems their possible concerns about the ' public ledger ' aspect may also be very well justified when Chainanalysis hops into bed with the pentagon. Btw, the US military has been described as the most socialist institution in America 
( Stan Goff )
BIG DOG is also linked to UNCLE SCAM by brazen collaborators like Adam Back and Paolo Adoino. 
Certainly at least one nation-state doesn't find Btc a threat. El Salvador should be welcoming the likes of Gramps any day now.  Come to think of it - why hasn't he moved there already?

If Btc is his OG Voluntary Libertarian AnCap coin then it follows with an iron logic, El Salvador is the answer to all his prayers. Hasta luego G!

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