Cryptocurrency: Libertarian Socialism and Bitcoin

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Tue Oct 4 22:49:07 PDT 2022

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> “On Libertarian Socialism and Bitcoin: an essay series

Socialists are just now coming all over the media trying to claim Bitcoin,
the clearly early held out as and by OG Voluntary Libertarian AnCap coin,
as theirs... LOL. Let them FOMO the price up.

Socialism has always, wherever and however it has been tried, failed,
miserably. And the "but real socialism works" claim is nonsense.
There are reasons why it will always fail, but those are beyond the
will to comprehend of any socialist so no point in covering them.

Also funny that all these self proclaimed "socialists" totally
refuse to move to any socialist country (most countries are,
including all with taxes aka theft) so they can live out their
glorious "struggle", give up all their own property, etc...
instead they stay in and fuck with and leech on free-er countries.
Said refusal is yet more proof they know socialism sucks.
But they still shill it, lol.

ps @tomjmaxwell: There is no "liberty" under any "equality" enforced
by "solidarity" or any other socialist mechanism.

> Reposts not necessary-rally

Grow up.

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